Dolphin.Pro is now on GitHub

Andrew Boon posted 5th of September 2015 in Boonex News. 1 comment.

Dolphin.Pro development is moved to GitHub


Dolphin.Pro Code is where the code now lives. Developers are encouraged to fork the repository and then use that as your own centralised repository. From there you can send "pull requests" to the Boonex Dolphin.Pro project with your changes and then we can review them before deciding whether to include them in to the main code-base.


Dolphin.Pro Milestones is the place to track when the next version is due and what features have been scheduled for development. 


Dolphin.Pro Issues is where we list all the accepted reports, feature suggestions and planned improvements. 


There's still a lot to be carried over from our old "Trac" system to the Dolphin.Pro repository. It'll be done over the coming weeks. Mobile Apps repositories are going to be open soon. Stay tuned!

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Nathan Paton
Glad to see things move over to GitHub. I've always liked how it works over SVN and Trac. Hopefully people take advantage of this and we see more active discussions on issues and development.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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