Dolphin U and Dolphin PRO (instead of Classic)

Andrew Boon posted 22nd of October 2014 in News. 11 comments.

“What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” 
― William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet

Earlier we announced that Dolphin 7 line would be called Dolphin Classic. We have given the idea a bit more consideration and decided to call it Dolphin PRO instead. So, there will be Dolphin PRO and Dolphin U. 

Why another change? Looks like "Classic" moniker makes a lot of webmasters feel like it's something to be forgotten and depreciated, which is exact opposite of what we plan. We see a lot of potential in Dolphin PRO and even more importantly massive value in existing users and variety of Market Extensions. So, that's that - Dolphin PRO.

Now, logical question would be - what's the difference between U and PRO? Let's examine this in a bit more detail...


Dolphin PRO vs Dolphin U



It is currently impossible to migrate from Dolphin PRO to Dolphin U or from Dolphin U to Dolphin PRO automatically. These two platforms are too different. So, it is important to consider your priorities and choose the right platform for your project.

- Purpose

Dolphin PRO is for building multi-featured social networks. 

Dolphin U is for niche, focused, specialised community sites.


- Features

Dolphin PRO has tens of modules, hundreds of features, thousands of 3-rd party extensions, native mobile apps. Core platform has evolved over the course of more than 10 years and powers thousands of sites. 

Dolphin U has all-new core structure, multiple profiles support and powerful site setup system (Studio), but offers limited functionality. There are only system modules and a few front-end modules at this stage. 3-rd party extensions are in early stages of development. Front-end design is "mobile-friendly", hence no native mobile apps. 


- Other Considerations 

Dolphin PRO may better suit more "tech-savvy" web-masters. Consider huge number of features, media server, converter, mobile apps, potentially manual updates of 3rd party extensions, updates of modified core, etc. Dolphin PRO Extensions Market is largely self-regulated and requires diligent and careful research on behalf of webmaster before investing into 3rd party modules.

Dolphin U is designed to be more tightly controlled by BoonEx, with strict requirement for Extensions to be able to auto-install and auto-update. Custom modifications are highly discouraged. As a result, Dolphin U may be a lot more "hassle free", but somewhat limited. Consider your priorities and goals. 

Dolphin U is currently in "Alpha" development stage, so it's not even feature-final. Beta version is some months away and may still not guarantee stable operation. 


We see both Dolphins as equally important and hope to be able to "bridge" them sometime in the future. 

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i ask

Dolphin 8 ??
- Video HTML5 with Subtitle for deaf
- <meta property="og: ......" Video to Facebook
- <meta name="twitter: ....." Video to Twitter
We will consider adding video subtitles in Dolphin U or Dolphin Pro
You should name me Vice President in charge of naming software. I work cheap. A six pack of lager a week is all I need.
things sure have gotten confusing around here. guess i need to check in more often. so, will the license i bought about a year ago for dolphin 7/classic/pro apply to dolphin U? i haven't download it yet.
Andrew Boon
Yes, you can use it for Dolphin U as well. The core of Dolphin U will be free anyway, but your license would let you download all BoonEx-made paid extensions for free.
Hi Andrew, say I opt for Dolphin U and all the free modules with my Premium Licence, and later I stop this Dolphin U based project for some reason and start another project that requires Dolphin Pro. Can I use the same licence for Pro or this licence is now locked to be used with Dolphin U ?
So confusing. In fact, you are so in hurry to release Dolphin 8 or so late that you are stuck with two different products.
Dolphin U is Dolphin 8, its a total reset in the life of Dolphin and it's a very good thing. But Boonex hasn't found a way to scale-up its development team and is late in the development of Dolphin U/8. So Boonex is trying to justify this through some terrible marketing. Sorry for being rude but I think I can explain hereafter why I'm reacting so.

I understand your proposition is (when translated to sincere language) :

- If you want advanced features now, you opt for Dolphin Pro and stay in see more the past in terms of architecture as it's taking too long to develop all these features to Dolphin U's modern architecture/structure.

- If you want basic features and ease of use of a modern social-centric CMS, you opt for Dolphin U and then wait for us to port all these features to this new base, which is actually the future of Dolphin anyway. Of course you lose mobile app support for now (which may be deal-braker for many).

For me this is just marketing to keep the business going while Boonex gets Dolphin U ready. I totally understand that Boonex needs to sell licences, but guys this is not the way to go, you're not providing a clear and sincere roadmap and that may have us losing confidence in Boonex which is very bad for the future of Dolphin... and your business.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Boonex is doing something wrong in terms of product strategy, what's wrong is the quite misleading communication around it.

What would make keep buying licences and use Dolphin would be seeing Boonex engage itself in providing a migration path from Dolphin Pro to Dolphin U (which is Dolphin 8) and recognize Dolphin Pro is the present and Dolphin U is the future as it will eventually include all the features of Dolphin Pro (at least those still relevant).

What would make me keep buying Premium licences is at least having a confirmation that the future of Dolphin (aka Dolphin U or version 8) will eventually get mobile app support.
If you must stick to the Dolphin naming for both products, then perhaps Dolphin Pro and Dolphin Lite.

If you prefer to think of them as two Dolphin products swimming in different waters then how about a U turn and name the new product Tucuxi - after the smallish freshwater dolphin found in the Amazon.

Or Dusky; another small dolphin, often seen on whale-watching tours in New Zealand and Argentina.
I don't believe this would fit to what I understand is Boonex' plan. Boonex Pro is basically 7.2 and U is a revamped 8.0 that doesn't have all the features of the Pro YET.

So I guess eventually Dolphin U will get all the features of the Pro as they're progresively ported. So maybe then Boonex will replace Dolphin Pro with an 8.0 branch based code and a license which will have all the plug-ins as well as the mobile app for Premium customers.

So Pro is the current version and U is the future see more but is far from being finished. Marketing !

It's like if Apple wanted to release the iPhone 6 but they were late so they released the iPhone U instead with new design but without camera or GPS (which would be free add-ons released later) and renamed the iPhone 5S as iPhone Pro. That sounds ridiculous but it's actually what it looks like Boonex is doing right now.
Actually when Apple already has iPhone with many features, they made iPad with no even camera, later they added cameras, better screen, touch sensor, etc.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.