Dolphin U: date/time

AlexT posted 7th of September 2014 in News. 7 comments.

The new approach for handling date/time in Dolphin U have the following nice advantages. 


Real-time updates for relative time

The following is happening without page reload:

Dolphin U real-time updates of relative time


The same post displayed for user in Prague (GMT +2) and Sydney (GMT +10) at the same time:

Dolphin U timezones

This screenshot was taken at the same time when it was 7th of September 10:26 in Prague and 8th of September 6:26 in Sydney


Simple settings

Dolphin U tomezone settings


HTML5 support and search engines friendly

Date/time is wrapped with <time> tag:

Dolphin U HTML5 time tag


Developers friendly

Manual for developers 


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nice ..i want it to be launched by next month :p
This is great!
I like Real-time updates without page reload :D
This is getting exciting!
Is this version going to have a working chat room based on HTML5 possibly?