Dolphin upgrade patch from 7.1.6 to 7.2.0

AlexT posted 21st of September 2015 in News. 16 comments.

Here is upgrade patch from 7.1.6 to 7.2.0. 


If you have custom templates and/or modules then it's better to ask authors about compatibility with 7.2.0 version before upgrading.


Please note that requirements were changed, so make sure that you have the following:

- PHP 5.3 or newer
- fileinfo and exif PHP extension


Download link and instructions are here:


Please report any occurrences of the bugs in the forum:


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Thank you to you and congratulations to the entire team for the work done !
I still think the new logo looks more like a fish than a dolphin.
Nathan Paton
I can't stress enough the importance of backups. Do NOT upgrade your site without first making a full backup. Even better, do not upgrade your live site - make the changes on a test site to make sure there are no issues, and then commit it to the live site (AFTER a backup).
Just as I was getting all confident to move forward.
All perfectly! Thank you so much!
Thank you very, very much for this upgrade. New Dolphin really rock!
Wow, Greet news! Thank you for the upgrade patch....Well done guys!!!
Will ask Zarconia to upgrade my website :) Thank you!
To bad the newbies are unaware of the blogs...
I agree. Important news should be readily available on the homepage. I believe it can be of great help for newbies.
I'm at awe. Thank you BoonEx team ;)
If you currently take in revenue from your members then you may want to think twice about upgrading to D7.2.0 as the payment scheme for membership is broken. See these links for more info.
Not all marketplace mods are up to speed, so here's hoping we don't break things.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.