DolphinPro 7.3.2 Beta

Andrew Boon posted 25th of July 2016 in News. 16 comments.

The upcoming 7.3.2 is a follow-up update with security improvements; Google Search module rewritten for the new API; new alerts (message sent in Shoutbox and Simple Messenger, Greeting sent, Album add/edit/delete, Video/Photo/Sound/File edit) and a number of minor fixes and enhancements. As of this Beta there are 54 total changes in total. 

Full list of changes:


Download link:




This beta is for testing and development use only. It is not upgradable and you can not apply it on an existing site.  Upgrade script will be available with the Final Release.


We encourage module developers and anyone willing to help to download, try and report any inconsistencies. It is a good idea to check your modules compatibility ahead of the release. 

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Any memcache(d) fixes ? for cleaning cache ?
The only issue with memcached we had is this one:
It was already fixed some time ago.
I just looked at this via moblie app, menu is not responsive. Can't you guys make that responsive?
Can't reproduce the issue. Main menu is responsive, now it is horizontally scrolled, which is very convenient on touch devices.
yes it does scroll along but it is hard to see the scroll, it looks like the men is half there. there isnt a way to put a more responsive menu? if you do have a drop down menu how does it show on a mobile device? i will have drop down options and I want to make sure they can be seen. Thanks for your reply
It's normal practice on mobile devices, even uses such scrolling in the menu.
no they do not they have the same navigation system that you have on the menu icon in the top right corner is what is used for mobile devices currently on pretty much all site that is mobile friendly. Thus far dolphin is the ONLY site i see that does not have that option. Even google,and yahoo have mobile friendly menus so I know it is possible. Its called sticky navigation and all site currently have it. except dolphin.
The menu on is for different purpose, it will not work correctly on Dolphin. I believe that the menu in Dolphin is the best solution yet available. If it isn't suitable for you you can try so get different one from the Market:
its not an actual upgrade its more fix patch.
upgrading will come in the leap and i am waiting
patiently for it
Just went through the bugfixes, congratulations on squashing so many bugs, I'm a fan of stability and feature-completeness more than features that don't work. So great work.
Is there a way to keep the menu at the stop of the screen while you scroll? That is the new option now. Basically all new templates and sites have that feature. With out it it make the site look outdated.
It will take too much space on small screen, especially there is already floating bottom menu when user is logged in.
that is possible MOSTLY all sites now have that option. All joomla and wordpress and html sites have sticky navigation. I'm sure that you want to keep up with your competition and be just as good as them if not better. In my opinion yours is the BEST as far as being a uniform social network or community type site with all the features all in one with out having to buy an install several features to get all that you have in one. BUT at the same time there are things missing from your template see more features. it will not take up too much space on a mobile device because all mobile navagation is the same icon that you have in the top right hand corner for this site we are on now. So I am sure that if has a responsive menu then dolphin should have one too. Even when you scroll site the logo and menu stays at the top. you can do it for boonex but not for dolphin??
You can get some custom templates in the market which has such feature:
Sometimes it's better NOT to be like all sites. :)
register on the site people can't where the captcha correct or remove it
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