DolphinPro 7.3 Release Candidate

Andrew Boon posted 29th of February 2016 in News. 4 comments.

Today we hoped to release the final version, but thanks to contributions from "toxalot", community feedback and somewhat "last-moment" improvements in Chat+ integration we decided to take a conservative approach and release an RC first. 


RC means "Release Candidate". So, it is feature final, but it MAY have some bugs that we don't know about and we are looking for feedback to hunt them down. As with Betas, you can potentially use it, upgrade to it and then from it, but do be careful - make backups and do the ceremonial dance before using it on a production site. Better yet - test on a test site, and wait for a full release to update your live sites.




Upgrade Patch:


Version download:


109 (22 since Beta 2) bugs fixed:



- Make service menu to be configured via menu builder  for EVO template (thanks to

- Login only popup (thanks to

- Close popup icon (thanks to

- Different behaviour for "View All" link in manage albums (thanks to

- Consistent page titles for better sorting in Page Builder (thanks to

- Adjust column numbers when column 1 does not exist (thanks to

- Settings reorganization media modules (thanks to



- Timeline: small enhancements

- Media modules: make reorder to work on touch devices

- Chat+: iframe integration, link to chat in mobile app

- Retina logo 

- Centered logo in EVO template

- Votes engine refactoring

- Default privacy settings: make it to apply everywhere


Chat+ was upgraded to v.0.19.0:


Thank you for your continued help and feedback!



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