Flat'n'Fancy - Dolphin iOS App 1.8.5 Released!

Andrew Boon posted 6th of November 2013 in Dolphin.pro News. 5 comments.



The world is pronounced flat again, and Dolphin iOS App happily agrees. 

The new v1.8.5 features iOS7 look and a handful of improvements, including those required by Apple to get your apps approved a-pronto.

Remember, you need Prime to modify and submit your own version of the app to Apple.

New in 1.8.5: 

- new iOS7-style design

- links to "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy"
 (as per new Apple policy)

- optional basic profile reporting functionality (may be required by Apple )

- some bugfixes

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"World's most advanced platform for building social networks"..

Hmm, let me see. How exactly do I use this app in a social network sort of way?

* View or post to the Timeline/wall, take a picture and share it on my Timeline -- oops, that feature doesn't exist. Imagine the facebook app without this feature.
* Read the latest Forum posts or post something new there -- ouch, can't do that either
* Okay, maybe hang out in a Group and comment on the latest happenings there -- shucks, see more not an option in the app either.
* Well, lets do something more suited for an iPhone (or Android). Give me an address and I can find it on a map and even get directions to it. Give me a phone number and I can call it. So, I'm half way across town and on my way to an Event but I can't remember exactly where it is. Let's check the social networking app. Bzzzzt. No can do.

So what exactly is this app good for? Messaging/email? That's kind of already built into the phone. Upload a picture--hey wait, it is rotated 90 degrees, how do I fix that? Read an article or blog? That's not exactly a social networking activity.

The mobile platform is exploding as a social networking device. I'm not too disappointed that you guys focused your attention on new icons because that couldn't have cost too much to do. But if you really want to make a difference, spend some time thinking about how the mobile apps fit into the social networking framework and how you can leverage the features of the device, otherwise we are probably all better off with Boonex making the website responsive so that users of the sites developed with the product can at least conduct social networking on a mobile device by getting at the features of Dolphin that are core to social networking.
Its just a platform. You can build with it something personal by your hands and fantasy ) And you will be the first )) All who did any mods was too far from reality ... Like this http://www.boonex.com/m/mobile-news-feed-ibdw-mobilewall
So when I download the dolphin demo app in the Google Play market place it is not this one?
and when the 1.8.5 android version will be released??
I bought a bunch of prime licenses just for these mobile apps. After getting a bunch of one star reviews on the apps I no longer use them. They are so basic and pathetic and remind me of something out of 1995 when windows 95 was first released. If you want to see how a great mobile app should look and function I suggest you look at pof.com app. For the money we pay for prime we deserve better than these rinky dink mobile apps. I have been so disappointed with these mobile apps and the money I have see more spent I am ready to dump this platform altogether because it is about as outdated as Myspace.
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