God's Beautiful Creatures need our help!

LightWolf posted 15th of June 2011 in Community Voice. 13 comments.

Please donate to a fund to help save these wonderful creatures from mans guns!!!

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thank you for great vid
love always
You are so right and more of God's beautiful creations need our help.
Nathan Paton
Is there a reason why God can't save these creatures?
That's a typical statement made by someone that does not think we as humans need to watch out for ALL of Gods creatures, and not shrug it off by saying "Is there a reason why God can't save these creatures?".
Nathan Paton
I agree with the preservation of endangered species. I do think it's an interesting question, though.
Andrew Boon
Do you know a fund or any organisation that is effectively helping to protect them?
Defenders of Wildlife - http://www.defenders.org/
Yes that addy below is excellent, also go to www.savewolves.org
Beautiful creatures indeed, in fact they are thriving in our state. Where are they being threatened by "mans guns"? There are government wolf management projects in place across the country, but no where have I heard you could hunt them.

Ranchers out west have the right to kill a wolf if it is impeding upon their livestock, but this is typically a result of wolf over population and wolf pack sprawling due to a new alpha in the group.

Don't get me wrong, I have much respect for this see more animal and feel they should remain protected, but blind statements like "saving wolves from mans guns" for ignorant publicity really irritates me.
Well ignorant as it may seem to you, it is happening ALL over the World. Just research it on Google. Around here some folks think they are a trophy, now that is ignorant!
Please go to this site and read more so you can understand that mankind is killing these beautiful creatures. http://action.defenders.org/site/PageServer?pagename=savewolves_homepage
Mankind cannot save these beautiful creatures inside a "society"
They can only survive in free terrain which is very scarce even for people nowadays...
Lets pray God to EXPAND the EARTH.
Otherwise we all walk towards the Doomsday...
Talk about naive ....
Have you ever seen some of the torture videos for Spanish galgos?
That's what we save, Spanish galgos and North American racing greyhounds.
In Spain many people actively participate in the TORTURE of animals, things like hanging a rope from a branch with the other end tied to the dog, waiting for the dog to finish its "dance of death" when the dog gets too tired of staying upright on the hind legs, thus slowly twitching and choking to death. This happens to literally see more tens of thousands of galgos every year. It's not just dogs either there. Cats, Roosters, Bulls, whatever. Spain is one of, if not the worst place on earth for animal torture ... tons of info. available on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.
This is current, June 2011 ... http://i54.tinypic.com/14m6q8x.jpg


Yeah, wolves are beautiful ... but I've never heard of any place on earth where they're actively tortured for fun by the tens of thousands. There's so much worse out there ... like 22.000 to 30.000 children dying every friggen day on this planet. At "only" 22.000 per day that's "only" over 8 million dead children every year, year after year. Even Hitler, considered by many as the Anti-Christ, managed to kill "only" 6 million people during the entirety of WWII. Where was God then and where is God now ???

Don't get me wrong, saving Wolves may be a noble cause, but not in light of so much worse that's happening out there these days. Do something if you can, something real ... create a website for more awareness ... donate all of the money that you can ... work actively for that organization ... but I personally don't believe Boonex is the place to accomplish any great deeds for them. Sorry. Oh, and umh, God bless.
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