Beautiful creatures indeed, in fact they are thriving in our state. Where are they being threatened by "mans guns"? There are government wolf management projects in place across the country, but no where have I heard you could hunt them.

Ranchers out west have the right to kill a wolf if it is impeding upon their livestock, but this is typically a result of wolf over population and wolf pack sprawling due to a new alpha in the group.

Don't get me wrong, I have much respect for this see more animal and feel they should remain protected, but blind statements like "saving wolves from mans guns" for ignorant publicity really irritates me.
Well ignorant as it may seem to you, it is happening ALL over the World. Just research it on Google. Around here some folks think they are a trophy, now that is ignorant!
Please go to this site and read more so you can understand that mankind is killing these beautiful creatures.
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