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Andrew Boon posted 28th of July 2011 in News. 14 comments.

Remember our recent DDoS attack story? Well, during the ordeal we tried CloudFlare and generally liked it, but they eventually said "sorry" and kicked us out to face the enemy with our own bare hands. I wonder what it would be like if it was a bigger, beefier company... like Google.


Well, it looks like we are just about to be presented with a new, [pro tem] free service and many webmasters could benefit, and likely even improve their Google rankings as a result. 


Google announces Page Speed Service.


Note, however, that as with any caching/proxy service you may have a long wagon of issues with dynamic pages, and most of the Dolphin pages are dynamic. We will give it a try once we have access and if it works well, we'll see what needs to be done in Dolphin to be able to swim though Google waters. 

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Whatever you guys decide to do it's ok, but please just provide an option to turn it off.
tried this and didn't see a gain in speed
same here
Original 3.4
Optimized 3.5
So it's a NO Thank you for me.
Andrew Boon
Is this with Dolphin site? We've done a lot of optimisation with the latest versions, so basically you'd only be looking for some CDN benefits, unless your hosting provides those already.
I finely tuned my server according to your postings a while back about speed and tuning your server and currently use XCache
, I included a link to the results from google. Are we missing something? I'm running 7.0.6
This is the results of my 7.0.7 beta setup..

original 10.8
optimized 10.9
yes, it's with d7.0.6, i did put some time into optimization.
this is my site without anything done to it.

original 12.8
optimized 36.2
Andrew Boon
So far it just tells me that Dolphin is doing very well on its own, providing that recommended optimisation is done.
I agree, more members should read your "Speed Up" Notes...
Hmm, Cloudflare kicked off BoonEx but allowed Lulzsec's account to stayup during various raids... Thats too bad.
what about
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