hi all of my freinds :) , thanks and ideas

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1st um very sorry for my very bad english :$




2nd : i restart my site from zero :)) as usual for update or upgrade it




3rd : i like to say um very happy to be one of dolphin users i dont know why  but really i feel that you are my familey even when we dont talk or deal with each other but i feel that i belong to you all




4th : theres some ones here i wanna to thank them as brothers and freinds thank you very much for any one who help me or not even know me , thanks to all to accept me one of your great familley in dolphin useres :)




5th : brb




6th : back :) - welcome back me - thanks me :)


what i want say its very great feeling to belong to this geat familey in this site , intellgent , hard work , smart , bright ideas , very fast development , free softwares , work and jops , thats great to be  part of this success even um not one of you " makers of sucess " but  i like to thank you all




7th : i have some ideas to mods and development of dolphin and i wanna share it with you soon ,  any one intrest on it message me and i like to message to admins here soon and i dream to be one small ston in this great castel : dolphin




8th : please ask god help me this days um from egypt and have some hard times here :) and hope it will finish soon and be better here




god bless you all , and special thanks for my brother in dolphin :  scriptologist for his great help thanks brother ,





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Nathan Paton
"2nd : i restart my site from zero :)) as usual for update or upgrade it"

There's no reason to start from scratch just because a new version was released. You can upgrade, though it may take more time if you have applied mods that require changes to files.
thank you mangussoft , but it was many errors in the site and problems plus it was many changes on files i was made it for seo and many things else and all of it now removed after i reinstall new verision and i will try to upgrade without restart any more , thanks for youur replay
Most welcome and more power to you!
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