I want to see the best website here.is called show your dolphin site,

coolnaija posted 4th of July 2011 in Community Voice. 15 comments.

I want to see the best website here.is called show me  your dolphin site,please let be competitive here

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reggie.... I'd loose the splash page untill the site is a household name.... I wouldnt join a site without being able to see the content. Just a thought.
Drautenbach are not on facebook?
Yes. I am on facebook and I joined it from a splash page... because I knew the content of the site before hand (facebook is a household name).

It's like shopping.... If you are can not see what is in the window you are not likely to go into the shop.

The blurb on a splash-page may tell me how great the site is... but unless I can see the content of the site before joining how do I know its not rubbish? All I have is the word of the site owner, and his oppinion of his site will always be a see more good one.

Is it not best to show a potential customer exactly what you have to offer him before he joins? Show him the unique features of your site that WILL make him WANT to join - but do not point him to a splash page that no-one has ever heard of.... it is VERY bad business practice unless you happen to be Twitter, facebook or Apple.

Our site is amost ready - 6 weeks from launch. We have invested VERY heavily in UNIQUE features. We have a beta of what is, by far, the best contest on any dolphin site installed and being tested. It has a league / results table to make it VERY competetive and a promotional scroller to bring in extra income revenue.

From our front page It is CRYSTAL clear exactly what our site has to offer. This way interested visitors can see what they are getting if the join, and the features are there to entice them to join.
yes i will like to see the beta site
done... have fun and enjoy the free upgrade
you shouldn't have done that! this person has a history of trolling other dolphin sites and harassing their female members (see profile).
lol.... okies... will check it out, thanks for the heads up.
Sure, http://www.boonex.com/websites just lists the websites there is no review on those website wrt some standards.
Atleast Alexa Ranking, Google PR, No of live member/day some stats on activity level should be reviewed. Not just goof looking websites. some basic level functionality based review should be there.

I guess coolnaija meant this
I love it, this should happen in Boonex Unity
I just got this mail from coolnaija:

"i will like to join your site.give the address"

No manners at all and for what? LoL

Here http://www.boonex.com/websites you can see them all and I took off my sites here at Boonex cos of people who bullsh*t around.

Your profile here seems just to be another scammer profile. Excuse me if I'm wrong, but thats the way it seems.

Good bye and good luck if you here at BoonEx Unity for positive reasons for us all!
Otherwise Karma will get you see more anyhow someday :-)
welll no problem,my favorite,i look @ peoples website to perfect my own,aprt from this i dont have any reason am not a scammer,anyway if nobody talk about then you re nobody,
Your site looks nice :-) Your profile says nothing at all :-) What do you expect. Do you know how many times my sites got invated. Do you know how many mails people get each day from mainly Nigerians (419)?!
If you want people to share your ideas with, then let them know and introduce yourself first :-)
Life is hard, protection in human manners makes it a bit more easy.
And LoL, I might be nobody for you, but I make people around me happy :-)
So, and now I hope you and me are done with you and see more I are the blah-blah.
Enjoy and be good :-)
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