iPhone app for dolphin - news?

clubbeyourself posted 26th of September 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.
Anyone know anything more about this yet? Am keen to find out how this will work with our sites? Is it going to be free for us, What are the plans.. Let us in on the secrets a little bit Boonex.
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I am not sure what Boonex is doing specificlly.

Although CyberXing has been working on different parts for the iphone, we have a admin app done that we are just finalizing some points on and then will offer.

As for a user front end, we have created almost 23 different content page options, and this is far to many for a" iphone app" so we might we moving the user interface to more of a mobile web interface and keep the admin section as the iphone app.

CyberXing is a licensed Apple see more iPhone developer and has co-developed over 50 apps for companies being sold on the apple app store.

We will keep you posted, as well others - we should be offering a Beta release for a test group in the next couple of days.

Gud CyberXing,
Even i'm on a similar path. After working for several weeks, i've made much progress to mobile version of Dolphin. It would provide many features...
Rest is a secret.
I'm planning to make some part of it as a community development. I'll take ideas, suggestion from everyone at Unity. If there is enough support, i would cut down price.
Rest when its almost complete.
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