iOS Sundance vs Dolphin Sundance

Andrew Boon posted 13th of May 2012 in Boonex News. 14 comments.

ok, ok... just mocking around. Apple must have liked our next Dolphin codename so much that they decided to use it for their iOS update. :) Very flattering. Just hope they'd splash out a few pounds to support the "original" bearer of the name - . Wink wink, Apple!


Meanwhile, just wanted to note that we've been a little silent in the last few weeks because we are preparing a few exciting updates. This week should bring some good news, so stay tuned! 



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Can't wait to get hold of Sundance.
Nathan Paton
Still got the tent ready.
Waiting for the news....:)
Please give us HTML 5 and no more flash :)
Nathan Paton
Chuck told me the other day that some HTML5 uploader code was being stuffed in. We then saw a movie.
I feel like I've been waiting all week already for "the news".

Can't believe it's only Tuesday. lol
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