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iovation is proud to partner with Boonex to offer iovation’s fraud detection services to the entire Boonex family. You would be in great company with all of the other dating and community sites all over the world that use ReputationManager® Fraud Detection Service to chase the spammers, scammers, mis-profilers, under age, etc., away from your sites.

In case you would like to know more about iovation, you can check out the website, or specifically at

Rich Orcutt - Head of Sales Special Markets of iovation says:

"We are offering a webcast, using live data, so you can see for yourself how our service works. Mark your calendar for March 24th at 10:00 AM Sydney time, which is also 3/23/10 6:00 PM East Coast U.S. (GMT-5).

You can tune in to the webcast using the following instructions:

  1. Copy and paste, or click, the URL below into your browser. It may take a couple of minutes to load. When loaded, click on “Guest” and enter your name.
  2. Dial the conference line on your telephone and enter the participant code when prompted. If you would like a free phone call, email me ( and let me know what country you are in and I will send you the phone number for a free call to this webcast.
  3. If you have any problems connecting to the webcast or telephone call send me an email or call my cell +1 503 929 4641.
  4. If somehow you cannot make it you can always contact me for a webcast specific to you.

Name: Webcast for the Boonex Family

Summary: Demonstration of iovation's ReputationManager fraud detection service

Start Time: 03/24/2010 10:00 Sydney time which is also 3/23/10 6:00 PM East Coast U.S. (GMT-5)


Access: Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room


Audio Conference Details

Conference Number(s): +1 877 568 6536

Participant Code: 1707"

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Are we able to download the webcast afterwards because I cant make it :(
This is something I'd love to see, but unfortunately I'm not available during that time. Like Jaminunit, I'm hoping we can download the webcast to watch it afterward. Or if it will be available to watch somewhere after.
@jaminunit and @Footman

Gentlemen, I believe that the fourth statement (of instructions) will work for you. Please feel free to contact Rich Orcutt by the email address, which is stated in the blog post, with your requests.
Boonex Community,

Here is some information about our fraud protection service that I would like to share with you prior to the webcast:

iovation ReputationManager™ is the only industry solution that tells you the history of fraud and abuse associated with unique devices. ReputationManager leverages device recognition with fraud evidence to discover associations and monitor reputations for end-user accounts and devices. Real-time checks help you decide whether to allow, deny, or review transactions.

With see more a globally shared device reputation database of more than 250 million devices, our unique technology allows online communities to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated, tech-savvy fraudsters. We currently stop over 30,000 fraudulent activities every single day.

During the webcast, I will provide insight into fraud stats from the last 90 days, where we identified some 90,000 incidents of fraud or abuse in online communities alone -- including scams and online solicitations, profile misrepresentation, identity mining and phishing, credit card fraud and more. We help ensure that your good members have a positive, hassle-free experience on your dating site, which contributes directly to your brand reputation. The result is a fraud protection service that actually contributes to the acquisition, retention and loyalty of your good customers.

White Paper: Keeping Your Members Safe from Online Scams and Predators

Data Sheet: ReputationManager

I look forward to an interactive discussion with you on March 24th at 10:00 AM!

Kind regards,
Rich Orcutt
For those of you who cannot make the webcast, please email me and I will set up a webcast specifically for your company.
+1 (503) 929-4641

Thank you,
No captioned? I was the only one that entered your webcast on time. I even checked on YouTube and there's still no caption. There are two deaf clients (including myself) in Boonex. Please make accessible for us (not only for deaf but people who speaks different languages which YouTube can automatically translate!).

And here's "Google Announces Automatic Captions on YouTube"...

I hope you will learn and realize the beneficial to your company. see more Thanks in advance.
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