Is Facebook Becoming BIG BROTHER?

Dwain posted 11th of July 2011 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

I read today where Facebook has blocked another contact exporting tool in an attempt to keep other competing social networks (Google+?) from attempting to draw away members.

When I checked a few minutes ago, openinviter was still working and I hope that Boonex will eventually make this software an integral part of Dolphin.

 I personally never liked Facebook and after joining at the request of my daughter and more or less ignoring it for a year, I decided I finally wanted out.

Have you tried to delete your account there?

I don't think it's really possible. In the end they tell you that your account has been deleted, but you can sign back in at anytime with your email and password and everything will be right where you left it.

I have always been somewhat of a nonconformist, independant thinker and don't have an ounce of lemming blood coursing through my veins.

Facebook bugs me.... face recognition software, you can never delete your data, you can't export your contacts....

Welcome to the Facebook Hotel California.

You can check in, but you can never check out.

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That is correct. Your information is forever owned by facebook. The only thing you can do at this point is upload a fake picture of yourself and change your address information.

facebook has been big brother from day one in one way or another.
Andrew Boon
Technically, fake picture and data won't hide your real data from Facebook if you've uploaded it before. FB definitely keeps backups of their entire db from different time points - day, week, year, 3 years, likely on tapes and disconnected from network. This approach helped Google to recover thousands of accounts recently. I for one don't care much, but if you do care and even more so if you have reasons to care - any big non-anonymous site with registrations is a big no-no.

Here at Unity you see more can stay anonymous and we don't store payment details either - that's paypal job. I guess this is as good as it gets for a non-conformist registrants.
Someone told me, that Facebooks (hidden) agenda when they store your profile even though you parked it (or tried to delete it) is for your sake. In such a way you can always come back and re-open your profile. How convenient to say so. I see it more like a desperate try to keep you in their DB and use your data in some commercial way rather than to help you signing easy up again. I still believe, than when you do such thing, is because you're loosing more members, than you actually get in. It's a see more struggling for being on top. Unfortunately for Facebook the decay is inevitable and it is happening right here, right now. And again.. The new era of small personal niche sites is, what the future has to bring.
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