Michael Newton ROCKS!!!

cpati posted 23rd of April 2013 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

I just wanted to send out a huge "Thank YOU" to Michael Newton from Boonex support for his immeasurable help and advice

in saving www.indimusic.tv from spam hell!!!He turned the site around in 1(one!) day to respond better and faster than it ever has.Thank you again Michael!!! Anyone who is lucky enough to get you through

the ticket system is in great hands indeed!


Chris Pati Pres/CEO IndiMusic TV.

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Wow, that's a huge thank you..
One thing needs to be clear...
I do not work for Boonex, my "ticket" system is my site and not associated with the internal Boonex support system which you paid for and never got.
Michael Newton,

SEO and more, ask me|some different ideas> BoonexSupport.COM or http://www.ticket.boonexsupport.com/
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