New Photo Uploader in Dolphin 7.2

Andrew Boon posted 28th of June 2015 in News. 35 comments.

Upcoming Dolphin Pro version update has just received yet another cool improvement - a whole new Photo Uploader!


The new uploader doesn't rely on Flash; supports multiple photos; shows previews BEFORE the photo is uploaded and does resizing on user-end (again BEFORE upload even occurs). It also has a much nicer, cleaner interface...



The new uploader will result in less traffic used by your server, less load on server processor and significantly streamlined user experience. Triple-win!

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A long time coming. Thanks guys.
Are we too close to release a beta version yet ? Thanks
Can the user rotate photo's? I have so many photos on my site that are sideways and neither I nor the user can rotate them to the proper position. Does this have a thumbnail feature so the user can crop the area of the photo they want displayed in the thumbnails?
Same problem with sideways or upside-down user submitted photos that need rotating.
That all... Aaaaaaaaand - option to make it the main photo.
New uploader does photo auto-orientation in client's browser as well.
So are you saying that the new photo uploader uses the photo's orientation metadata to ensure that photos, mainly those taken on phones, are oriented correctly? Does that apply to the avatar (profile) photo as well?
Yes. It applies to all photos uploaded using HTML5 uploader.
Excitement never ends! Go guys!
love it! thanks a lot! :)
Didn't mention about new ffmpeg inclusion. Tried new uploaded. Thumbs up
I am a recent Dolphin user but I am impressed of all that is comming.
Glad to see I bought a license and the development is active :)
Good to hear positive thoughts from a new user.
2 problems:
1. If a user by mistake choose a wrong photo it will be processed and add to photo module without even submitting it. There is an option to cancel it but it is processed too fast, it don't give the user time to think about it. So no reviewing before submitting pictures.
2. multi-uploader don't allow the users to select multiple files on mobile devices. you have to add pictures one by one. No tapping and selecting multiple pictures option.
1. We'll consider to add quick photo removing as well.
2. iOS 7 it allows me to select multiple photos, what is your mobile device ?
It looks like it isn't supported in Android 4.x (I've tried 4.1), but I was able to select multiple files in Android 5.1
So is it possible to add support for 4.x ? or all users have to buy new phones :p
This is limitation of the Android 4.x, we can't overcome this.

Video Record without Flash ???
Safari and IE still can't do this without flash...
But when will be the release of 7.2 ??? Make the release and add more functions in the later updates.
Dolphin 7,2 ? Build??
Site and Admin Settings ---> Menus and Submenus horizon and vertical Menu better??
deaftv <-- Menus & Submenus
Is there an ETA on 7.2? I think most would agree the unknown is worse than farther out date.
Totally agree. Tell us, when it will be released. This teasing what we can have is making it even more worse then not knowing WHEN we can have..... Those functions and design improvements are really badly needed. Is this read by any offical? Then please react.
He already said next week :)
Did he say this , "each week"? Does anyone know how to add a good forum? Is there any software out there?
Lol he said next week so probably by the end of this month hopefully or before ...
Anything that's a triple-win is better than a win-win!
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