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sammie posted 12th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 30 comments.


Q wheres my license?

A make sure you are logged in and click this link

scroll down to Dolphin, not Dolphin Free. look for licenses that say Dolphin Permanent for your free lifetime license linked to the Donation, and for the ones issued for member points, they will have "NOT REGISTERED" and "EXPIRES NEVER"

for licenses converted from contributor stars and single ray licenses, scroll down to Ray, not Ray Free, look for "EXPIRES NEVER", some will have your Domain listed and others might have "NOT REGISTERED", use one of the "NOT REGISTERED" per new domain you build.


Q Will the new lifetime adfree licenses be valid for Dolphin 7-8 and Posidon?

A Yes all lifetime licences you have been given, are just that, valid for life and for all future Dolphin versions including Posidon. They may also be used for older versions of Dolphin, i.e from Dolphin 5 onwards.


Q Are the licenses adfree?

A yes they are all adfree lifetime licences. each licences is worth $790.


Q I have not got an email with my license.

A there is no email with your license, see Question 1/ above, all licenses have been issued and are contained in your account under "My Licenses"


Q i want to use my license for 6.1.4 or earlier what do i do?

A Use the same license number from the lifetime license for all your Ray widgets and Dolphin and Orca


Q I have extra license that i do not need, can i sell them?

A No, the licenses were given to you personally as a gesture of good will and as a thank you for your support, they may not be sold, traded or transfared, BoonEx reserve the Right to terminate any such license they become aware of that has been sold or traded without the express permission of BoonEx.

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i have seen all of these questions raised, good answer(s) sammie.
Nice just what I wanted to know. Sammie is the one
thanks Sammie for clearing that. Great job. Cheers.
Confirmation from BoonEx Team.

Everything, that is stated in Sammie's post, is correct.

Thank you, Sammie
you are most welcome Victor
There were reports that some Unity accounts did not get their Unlimited Licenses.

The reason was in that those accounts had "Paused" status while the licenses were issued to all accounts with "Active" status.

We did get back and issued licenses to all accounts which were left behind by this fact.

So, if you were a member of Unity on the day when the post (about Unlimited License for free) had been published, the licenses have now been issued to all accounts regardless see more of the status they had at that moment.

Please make sure you see them under the "My Licenses" page in your Unity account.

Best Regards,
AJAX a.k.a VictorT
I did a contribution when the licenses were offered for a donation, I've never received my license nor an email and I can't seem to get a response anywhere on this, so I thought maybe you could help :-) Thanks so much!
thx for the post sammie... i was wondering about the future release of dolphin... but now it was clear...

but i got another question... i got 3 license... but why 2 of the license is 8 caractere... and the another one is 10 caractere?
the one thats 10 is the free one for the donation. the others are the regular licenses.
ok and how boonex can associate the donation to this license?
when you enter it in admin it does it
thanks sammie

you answered on all my qustions by this post :)

As for me, I got my Dolphin_permanent license and never expires column. Under the Domain I got the not_registered mark. How do I register my license with my new website?

I tried on the Admin>Settings>Advance Settings> Input the Dolpin license code but the boonex footer is still visible?

Thank you for any instructions you can direct me.
clear your browser cache and re-enter admin and it should be gone
Hi Sammie. Thank you for your response. I did what you told to clear my Firefox cache and re entered the license code. Waited for a few hours and it is still the same Domain "not registered" on my licenses panel. It should somehow appear my domain name. I wonder what is wrong. Please help.
Sorry for posting my concern here. I read this is not a support forum. I will post my concern on the Forum section.
A true pundit at that, Thanks for the explanation Sammie.....Your wisdom and advice is very much appreciated!!! W.O.W.="Walk-on-Woman" and more power to you :)
none of these answer my question persueing as to how does one register multiple sites if theres only free dolphin and it still asking me to register ray widgets how does one do that with out useing the same code 2 times?
I found that I needed to use my new license number to register my Ray widgets, putting in the license just for Dolphin did not activate them. If your widgets say register give that a try.
Good informational post Sammie.
Ok, now i send a donation by paypal... but i see no space where to enter my nick on boonex... because my paypal adress is not the same of my boonex adress email.. after i pay with paypal... the server redirect me at: etc...

but i got this error on the page

Fatal error: Class 'SendMessage' not found in /home/boonex/public_html/payment_completed.php on line 89
I donated on the day the donation special was released and am planning on donating more but I still haven't received the license in the My Licenses area or an email. Is there any updates on how long it will take for the licenses to be placed into our accounts, as I noticed some have received theirs but others such as myself have not. I've asked around and sent a message regarding this but cannot seem to get a reply. BTW Love the software!
Accounts created after the post was not eligible.
I donated via PayPal on the day the donation special was released (5/11)
i got the license but now i want to move the license to another domain.....there is no option to change the domain in account area
I'm confused, I have a Dolphin unlimited adfree license, that's fine and sorted, but my paid Ray chat license I have still says it expires at the usual date, and all my other licenses are still free and not adfree. Am I missing something here? I know I am entitled unlimited licenses for all the boonex software I use as I emailed and asked, although I don't really wanna bother boonex with minor questions like this. So do I use my paid Ray License for all my widgets? And will they expire?
thanks for the info sammie
ok, silly question ;)

Got my licence - but how do I download the latest version of the software! I'm confused.

Any help would be appreciated.

Well its simple, there s no difference in downloading and installing an adfree or adsupported version, download from the downloadpage, but enter the unlimited key youve got on the licenses page.
i have two licenses number in my account which is used for Add FREE please let me know.

1.Dolphin Free Smart Community Builder " Expire FREE"
2.Dolphin Smart Community Builder " Expire NEVER"

also Orca interactive and Ray Community its expire, not have licenses number
i have a licence lifetime that my friend give me as gift but i cant register my website here or connect with my profie here so can someone explain me whatneed to be done? tnx alot
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