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Stuart038 posted 18th of June 2012 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

The 'Notes' section is a problem, I am discouraged from posting here because the forum is saturated with Boonex posts Both in the Featured section and the general section.

Can you please just post in the ONE section Andrew??

It is a pain having to search through the general section to find a post NOT posted by Boonex.

I remember when this forum (now called Notes) had many topics together with a lot of people responding to them, those were the days!

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Nathan Paton
For the record: Forums =/= Notes - Blogs = Notes.

Was kind of confused for a minute...
Andrew Boon
Well, ok, we'll figure something out.
Well, half of the things just goes above my head from your post. But i thought notes is like a blog section.
I thought notes was official news from Boonex, forums was for users...?
Have to start posting some notes now! ;-)
A good thing about "notes" over the forums..
Notes can be edited basically forever, "forum" posting are only editable for a short time.
It's not that Notes are saturated with Boonex posts. People just aren't posting here anymore.
Personally I much prefer the way it is now, fewer more informative "notes" as opposed to the character assassinations and little girl tantrums of old.
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