problems with LINKS

houseperu posted 4th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.


I have some problems with Photo, Video, Music, and Forums links, dont work

please i need a help anothe thig is that user cant vote i dont know what to do please help me


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404 error? .. that can`t find that addresses? .. Are you sometimes read FAQ section? :)
Again: recheck your mod_rewrite of your server
it should be enabled, or you should disable all friendly permalinks (and not forgot to recompile navigation menu)
About your users who cannot vote... Go to your Admin Panel - Settings - Advanced Settings and check if the 2 options regarding votes are set as enable.

Then check your membership levels. They are options to enable votes here too ;-)
thanks i solve all problems thanks
i have another problems
the booton of the popup of loging dont work
could you help me
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