ray customisation???

unlimeet posted 9th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.


I am finalising my website, and i still have some questions :

1 - Ray suite have playlist for video and Music, how to actvate it for my dolphin website ?

2 - I add some category and i was able to add the category choose for photo upllod (php file), but as we don't have source from flash, how can i add some feature to music and video's upload page ?

Thanks to anyone wh can give me some trick about this question

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might try to give rayz a shout and see what you can come up with from him.

he didint ask about RAYZ product

ray ( dolphin software ) :)


yes you can actiavte RAY by going into your ADMIN panel of DOLPHIN and clicking on the ray add ons and actiavte it there ...then go to DOLPIN with your user name and register your LICENSES from DOLPHIN ... if you need more help AndreyP will be around :)

i hope this helps you for now .....
Thanks Technoman ...Ray is well actif and working well, what i want is to know how i can change the flash for adding some data or how i can make the playlist fonction working on dolpin ?
oh the flash

1= ok you need to remove this in basic settings in admin panel to change the flash

2 = also in basic setting in admin you can also change the logo

3 = playlist
in admin panel go to ray add ons and there you can click on music player and click enable for approved automically

there are 2 things you have to do for this so the playlists work

video and Music

1 = go to admin panel and in advanced settings check mark the RAY PRO then save at bottom of page

2 = go to admin panel and then go to RAY ad ons and in the go into all players and enable for automatic approval

hope this is what you were asking and have a nice day :)
In fact, for being more clear, i am looking for an upload video and music page in php i can modify ...
As i try to explain in my first post, i want to add some data when uploading a file, and that's somethink i can't have sources).
So, if somebody have the upload page in php format (like the photo's upload) or know a mod about that, please help me.
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