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Andrew Boon posted 3rd of June 2014 in Boonex News. 40 comments.

This is one of the first "new" collections. The idea is to curate a list of a few "must have" extensions from BoonEx Market that most experiences web-masters already know about, but newcomers may be yet to come across. 


Please, suggest Extensions that you think are of key importance for just about any new Dolphin-based site. Things that, one might think, should have made it to the core package anyway. Anything that you think is important - core mods, admin tools, templates, modules, plugins... anything. 

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Deanos Tools (or at least some of the functionality)

Advanced Password Forgot
Casal Pimenta
Simple Chat 2.0 AntonLV
No! No and No! boonex should come up with its own chat system... Thanks..
Casal Pimenta
Chats Sonets is incomplete.
Need sound to alert calls.
Need to show friends online.
Needs to be modernized to the standards of dolphin Osho.
Andrew Boon
Yes, we should. Same as, perhaps, almost every Extension suggested here. We can't do all that quickly enough, though.
My vote would have to go to Deanos Tools.
Deano's tools adds some much appreciated features, such as direct SQL injections, being able to log in as other (for fixing purposes), adding addition admins etc... but thank to Deano its also a free module already!
Dolphin Anti Spam by Deano - (This is the most important to me)
Page Editor - (Editing lang files for content pages is terrible by default. This helps)
Auto Mailer by Modzzz -
Deanos Tools as mentioned already
Hypernova template by MasterTheme (You can make this template into 1000 different templates with no code experience)

While I have your attention. Please give see more the option to turn off/on star ratings site wide. Even better integrate this through out dolphin as a rating option to bring us up to date
Extended Video Uploader
Master Database Backup
Failed Join Attempts Monitor
Delete Unconfirmed Members
Deleted Members Log for Dolphin
Logical Captcha
Footer menu builder
Actions see more Manager
Cron Monitor
Site Stat Manager for Dolphin 7
Scroll To Top
Full width columns
Documents for Dolphin 7.1 or Scribd documents viewer for Files
Agreed on Actions Manager! I forgot about this one. Getting started and dealing with action buttons was so frustrating.
Photo Albums for Groups by AntonLV
Timeline for Groups by AntonLV
Deanos Tools by Deano
Polls by
Language Strings Editor by boonexpert
#1 priority for me - responsiveness. "Make any template responsive" works well for me.
#2 a custom stylesheet via admin so that I don't have to log into my server.
#3 logical captcha (hate the reg. captcha) - Andrew P I believe
#4 friends can reply to status updates (I am using "dolphin twitter" by modzzz)
#5 tagging of other members (
#6 Delete unconfirmed members
#7 Privacy and Terms of Use editor
#8 Site see more Injections
#9 EVO Wall
#10 Upcoming Birthdays
Video Ads
Static theme (responsive)
G+ theme (responsive)
Scribd documents viewer
Radio module
Video Watermark
Live Video
Multi-Video Player
Simple Chat 2.0 see more
Photo Captcha
Single Line Join Form
Site MP3 Player
Profile MP3 Player
Facebook Inviter
Ultimate Games
Steam Game Data
Dolphin Play
Photo EXIF
Mega News Infos
- Deano Tools (i love the php block)

- Bad words protect plus
Here's our list -

Mods4Dolphin's D2Facebook, D2Twitter & D2Instagram mods

Deano's tools -

Boonexpert's multi-admin -

Mod's Points + rewards -

AntonLV's Photos, Music & Video Battle -
- "Deano Tools" by deano92964
- "Photo albums (Art module) deluxe" by AndrewP (for Adult photos feature)
- "Simple Chat" by AntonLV
- "Who Viewed Me" by modzzz
- "In a relationship with" by modzzz
- "Ticketing see more System" by modzzz (or an advanced contact form with attachments)
- "Site Maintenance Mode" by deano92964 (or something similar)
- "Dependent Fields" by AntonLV
- "Verified Members" by modzzz
- "FAQ Page Editor" by deano92964 (or something similar)

I will add: responsive features, more ajax friendly, enhancement of membership/actions features, refactoring of profile and account sections.
One thing Boonex can do is to go and look at the tickets and see the things posted there. Deano put in a ticket with free code to add PHP blocks to the page builder some three, four years ago. So why aren't PHP blocks already in the core by now? Here, I will even link to the ticket:

Oh, here is the module he put on the market:

Seriously, you had a developer to give Boonex free code that see more adds a very important element to the page builders and you ignored it.
i think because php block error (for none experianced) will be unbearable for boonex team, in support view
"Cross Members Blocks";

When I first started using Dolphin, no one had talked about the huge member privacy holes it had. I could not believe software that started life in the dating world would have these privacy holes. I have stated many times that "Cross Members Blocks" need to be a part of the core.
- "Full width columns" by Prashank25
- "Privacy for Friends Page" by AntonLV
***Extremely important: Evo Wall
***Extremely important: Evo Wall mobile
Rayz 3.0 videos, photos, sounds
rayz anti-rms package
I think you should do what where they have starter kits for each operating system. You could have a starter kit for Boonex.

Must have modules:
1Col, 3Col, EVO Wall, MegaProfile

F-Chat, Birthday Mail

Ultimate Notifier

Multiadmin Access

Admin Announcements, Deano's Tools

Any template

AQB Soft
AutoOnline, My Favourites

Live Line

My App

Profile see more Cover

Scroll To Top

EVO Wall - Advanced News Feed:

Deanos Tools

Facebook Template


Multi Admin Access

Messenger Sound Notification:
Well because Dolphin is a social-based site.... I am surprised that not a single person has ever mentioned events. Whole sites have evolved with JUST events and are flourishing, plus it is the largest revenue source for people to make money on the listings, and also draw people together. And since I have had a hand in each event system out there, I would seriously look at the implementation from Modzzz. From ticketing, to concerts, to private events, and more, it is the best system with a full grasp see more of recurring events. Anything without an events system is just a VIRTUAL system with disparate people never given a good way to connect face to face.
Sms message from profile page!!! By me
There are 3 things that I think should be included with Dolphin as part of the default package.
1 - recurring payments. Little point having membership system so integral to the whole script, if there is no way (other than 3rd party) to take recurring membership payments.
2 - photo uploads in forums, not just url links.... PKForum 'fixes' this, but this is one thing that should be basic to Dolphin.
3 - A Chat module that is not flash based so will work on all mobile phones.

All these things see more have been bought up time and time again on the forums here over years... should be included as standard package.
How about integrating a real photo gallery like coppermine of Gallery 3 as an extension. All the photo modules I have seen for Dolphin are rudimentary and juvenile. Lets get serious about photos.
Mobile NEWS FEED - IBDW MobileWall And Mobile(EVO)Wall

Global Points System (DISCOUNTED)

EVO Wall - Advanced News Feed


Photo addon for Boonex photos
in common and connection module like the one in linkedin ..
any place for module suggestions for dolphin U..
wOnly new to Boonex but a few things I've noticed that could help usage, design etc.
1- Being able to edit HTML files from the admin.
2- Being able to change the width of boxes.
3- being able to insert html codes in boxes.
4- being able to decide how many items can be displayed side by side within boxes.
5- Being able to choose what's displayed in the stats box.

These are just a few little things I found which would most definitely make life easier.
Oh and another one is being able to input text with things like uploader loading. like for videos, they take a while but yet no message can be displayed for the user not to click on anything while it's uploading meaning they can think it's not working. the other thing based on the same note is being able to display file size upload limits to the end user below the uploader. For both images and videos or anything that needs uploading.
there many good mods but the most **important** thing is that they will be supported and maintained, because some modules vendors are gone and i had no idea about this when purchasing
there many good mods but the most **important** thing is that they will be supported and maintained, because some modules vendors are gone and i had no idea about this when purchasing
Mouse block designer by Boonexpert
If they would be or come in the market :

- An opt-in extension for Mailchimp (or another mass mailing program) - since the build-in mass mailer doesn't work and will probably not work for the next 6 months.

- A responsive template with the layout of uni or alt (especially former menu layout for computer of laptop)

Wishful thinking ...
Toll would be an API interface for creating apps like at Facebook
Also a secure environment where other applications can create
Mobile NEWS FEED - IBDW Mobile EVOWall

MEGAProfile, with CROP Image
For me best essentials are :

1. IBDW EvoWall
2. IBDW MobileWall
3. IBDW MegaProfile
4. IBDW Profile Cover Pro
5. IBDW 1COL – Account Menu
6. IBDW 3COL – Summary
7. IBDW PhotoDeluxe
I most definitely concur to the above list by @paolomitico . For me ensentials of a new site would include:

1. IBDW EvoWall
2. IBDW MobileWall
3. IBDW MegaProfile
4. IBDW Profile Cover Pro
5. IBDW 1COL – Account Menu
6. IBDW 3COL – Summary
7. IBDW PhotoDeluxe
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