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shiverstudio posted 20th of August 2013 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

Dolphin is a script for social media sites. On a social media site, users are reading what other users are writing and this is the biggest way to socialize, but to make this happen we need tools that help us to do this. The wall feature is the biggest tool that we can find on web, used by Facebook, Twitter and other biggest social networks on the web. Also Dolphin use this feature, but very very superficial! 

On a site build with Dolphin we have a wall on a user profile and a friends wall in Account page. But what about the home page? Why can we put a global wall there? Maybe for all activity feeds, like profile posts, friends post and also a missed feature in dolphin: Group post from the wall group. Need a activity feed/wall in groups, because the forum feed is a ancient tool!

Many competitors of Dolphin have this features included for a price more or less 300$. With Dolphin you must to buy 3rd party modules and the prices are not very nice. There is also the problem that this 3rd party wall modules are not enough, because they don't do the complete Activity Feed system like Facebook or competitors of Dolphin.

I have 2 licenses of two biggest competitors of Dolphin, but I wanna try Dolphin because there is something that attracts me. This attraction is disappearing when I see so little interest for the major feature of a social network: the Activity Feed.

My suggestion is that the Dolphin Unity think about this, have a real complete Activity Feed is a must of a social network and since Dolphin script doesn't have it, I am doubtful whether to buy the license.

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This is very well put, good luck getting BoonEx to address it.
I agree with this thought. The activity feed is very important for most social networks as they need the public to see activity happening. If there is not activity showing up, then the public will go elsewhere.
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