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houstonlively posted 30th of August 2012 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

To date, when you change the title of something in Dolphin to correct misspelling, the permalink remains unchanged.  Just about every cms or forum platform I've ever seen, also updates the permalink, and sends a 301 redirect to the new url when the old one is accessed.


This is the right way to do it.  How about adding this to 7.1?  It shouldn't be that difficult. We need the ability to edit forum titles, and every other title as part of this change.


This way, we won't go around with page titles that don't match the url.....Like this very post, for instance.  For whatever argument you guys at Boonex can come up with against this, I would argue that correctly spelled keywords in urls are pretty important. 

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Great suggestion. We will try to implement it in D8 -
It require structural changes in almost every module, so we can't do it in D7.1.
A 301 should also be sent for any content that has been moved.
FYI, I read the permalinks title and thought of
It may not solve your issue but may offer some other possibilities.
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