uhh ohh, got in trouble........moving on

slimgoody posted 1st of September 2010 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

I guess my last blog post was a bit too much. I should have edited out my fowl language.


You know,  I thought that building my site was going to be the hard part but I was so wrong. Marketing it, is whats giving me a headache. Getting people to the site that I worked so hard on is harder than I thought it would be. I have alot of reading to do because I know absolutely nothing about marketing a site. I THOUGHT I  knew but I was oh so wrong.


So where do I go from here? The question that lies in my head is simple. " What information do I take in and build on and what information do I throw away? It's so much information throw about the internet that it's hard to know whats real and whats not. I guess this is going to be another learning experience that I'm going have to put under my belt. I must learn and I must put together how to utilize my net tools. I have many and I've earned alot of money over a short period of time. I should be paying taxes right about now :/


With that being said, I need to slow down and I need to remind myself that I need to do it right. I have enough room to start over and begin again. I'm teaching myself to stop and re evaluate my moves. I've realized that  this will allow me to clean up my mistakes without having to undo so much.


Any who, I'm still upset about the fact that "Boonex's " name is in my blog url! Oh no, I didn't forget and I was going to re post all that I said in this post. I just have to do it a little differently, which is fine. I don't usually get down like that any way. Cursing isn't my style really, unless some one pees me off. Like you m$%#tha............................................................I'm just playing.


For real, thats an issue that I want to have fixed. I'm not going to spend my life on it though because for now It will have to do. But you better believe that when things get to going, lanes will be switched, and I will make sure to give a gracious bow when it happens.


Pimpin ain't easy but your daddy makes it fun!


See ya!

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yes, unfortunately, a website is not "The Field of Dreams" just because you build it does not mean they will come. There are companies that are focused just on web marketing, and these are professionals, if you are serious about marketing your website, and you want it done before you grow too old to reap the benefits, i would suggest seeking the help of a professional.

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