Updated Shoutbox - Emojis and More

Andrew Boon posted 8th of June 2015 in Dolphin.pro News. 29 comments.

Shoutbox module in Dolphin Pro 7.2 will be a whole lot better! It is now possible to add it to any page, and developers can use it in their modules. In default implementation it will appear on homepage, group page and event page. Design and layout updated. Responsiveness added. And finally - bringing us all out of the caves of text-only boredom - EMOJIS (!) are integrated for the first time.



Now I have an uneasy feeling that emojis may creep their way into many other places. ;-)

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looks nice! keep it coming guys ;)
Nice, any update on chat/messenger ?
lol..Andrew took out his frustration from forum into shoutbox :p Any how looking good and great news to be able to add it to any page. I think this was much need in case of business pages for quick feedback from users.
Andrew Boon
It's a never before seen modern invention that makes all the difference.
Will there be a check box in admin to make them go away?
Sorry, I don't speak "beat around the bush". If you're trying to say something, out with it already
Andrew Boon
I gather it was an expression of disbelieve about you not knowing or accepting the wonder that emojis is. In emojified parlance it would sound like "Are you [http://emojipedia.org/pile-of-poo/] me" as in "Are you shitting me", which as you see is very clever, because you don't have to type the whole word and the pile of poo also has cute eyes.
Andrew Boon
Interestingly, this one - http://emojipedia.org/soft-ice-cream/ is deemed a "related emoji" :) go figure!
If someone wants to say "Are you shitting me?", they should just say so. I'm old school.... I use an actual language to convey thoughts.
Andrew Boon
http://thenewinquiry.com/essays/the-conservatism-of-emoji/ - this is of you :)

"Innocuous and omnipresent, emoji are the social lubricant smoothing the rough edges of our digital lives: They underscore tone, introduce humor, and give us a quick way to bring personality into otherwise monochrome spaces. "
You always could add the shoutbox to any page. Is there something different now? The only useful different feature would be if shouts would be unique to the page on which the shoutbox was placed instead of the same global shouts everywhere
Hey Andrew, plan on implementing this as well?
Please say yes.
What about the messenger ? and that messenger and chat whole system is going to be fancier as well , faster and quicker ? Or we are going to be stuck with the old boring style ?
Andrew Boon
We've updated the messenger as well, but emojis take a bit more tinkering on that one.
Are you really sure that was the screen shot you wanted to use in the post? Think about it.
I think it's a damn fine screen shot... why mess with it.
Andrew Boon
Content of the screenshot is based on classic movie quotes, so any foul language is just a part of artistic expression.
Honestly, I have no idea how the Emojis are used. Guess others do though. Now if we can only get a Chat that is mobile friendly.. Just saying (maybe make a big Shoutbox?)

BTW, Andrew - Do I need to point you to the 'rules' for your foul language? Maybe you need a 7 day Ban Vacation from BoonEx Mister?? HAHA.. And yes, 'I'm just shitting you!'
Andrew Boon
"http://emojipedia.org/face-screaming-in-fear/" ooh, I'm in trouble. But hey, that's shout box - the little liberal module that can take a little bit of abuse "http://emojipedia.org/smiling-face-with-sunglasses/" :) .

Personally, I am very excited about emojis in general. Finally a reasonably standardised collection of "smilies" with OS-level support. End users do like them, and more casual sites rely on them heavily. Much better than scattered collections of pixelated see more gifs.

Chat... yeah - we have a good plan for it, but for 7.3. Have to split the updates to bring in improvements quicker - so we'll bring 7.2 now, asap and move on to 7.3 development. 7.3 is planned to be about chat/im/notifications/forums/new-licensing/etc.
Andrew Boon
Heck, we should add them to BoonEx.
Did you have to buy a license for them? Or can anybody use them? I know that those apple emojis are part of the unicode standard, but what about the rights?
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