What To Expect In The Next Dolphin PRO

Andrew Boon posted 23rd of October 2014 in Dolphin.pro News. 51 comments.

We have already done some work planned for Dolphin PRO 7.2 and outlined some of the key improvements, which will be actively worked on as soon as Dolphin U Beta is released. Today, we'd like to share our ideas with you. BoonEx community can be very insightful when it comes to discussion of Dolphin features, so we decided to bring up these plans and talk about them in detail over the next few weeks. Dolphin PRO has been relatively stable and hasn't had a major version update for over 14 months, but it is and will remain our flagship product, so let's see what we can do to make it even better...


1. New Licensing

First, Dolphin PRO licensing is going to change. Dolphin PRO 7.2 will not be requiring "Powered by BoonEx" links anymore, but we strongly recommend buying a license now if you want to lock expenses for paid modules later on.


2. Key Modules Redesign

Some of the most important modules, such as Photos, Video, Profiles, Timeline, etc. will receive design refresh. This is mostly about improving user-experience and bringing in more modern design conventions. 

3. Responsive design

Big as it sounds, we believe that Dolphin PRO has to become responsive, too. This may likely be realised in a form of an additional template, so as not to disturb established websites too much.

4. Payments

Dolphin needs to become more lucrative! After all, you want to recoup all your software and hosting expenses and then make money to launch even more social networks ;) . We have already done most of this, and after a little more tuning we are going to introduce a number of site payments improvements. Integration of PayPal Pro, recurring payments, payment at sign up and modular payment system (installing different gateways easily) should bring Dolphin PRO a much needed boost of commercial efficiency.

5. TinyMCE Update

Latest version of TinyMCE editor will be integrated. Although update of this component may sound trivial, it is such an important part of Dolphin that any changes really need careful and thorough work to keep the platform stable. Now is the time to move up to the latest iteration.

6. MoxieManager for TinyMCE

A good file-manager for Dolphin PRO has been suggested (vocally enough, looking at you... you know who you are) for a while now. So, we're going to finance a yearly license of MoxieManager and include it with Dolphin PRO from now on. 


7. Administration/moderation tools in user-end interface

We have already done some of these, and will add more. The idea, like in Dolphin U, is to create more content/users-moderation tools within the site front-end, without giving moderators access to Admin panel.  


8. Css/js cache enhancements - site speed improvement

One more thing that's already done, thanks to borrowing from Dolphin U. Client-side site speed is dramatically improved, creating a much better perceived speed experience for your end-users. 


10. Language system improvements

Nod to Dolphin U again - Dolphin PRO will now use default lang file for non-existing keys. This is already done, too.

11. Social sharing info in meta tags

You would want Dolphin to be able to tell Facebook (and the likes) which photo must be used for thumbnails in shared content. The idea comes from Dolphin U as well. 

12. Mobile Apps Update

Both Android and iOS apps will at very least transition to the latest design "languages" - Google's Material Design and Apple's iOS 8 design. We also plan some changes in UI to match the new Dolphin PRO, and with your help, we'll be looking at whatever else needs to be improved or added. 


So, as you can see Dolphin PRO benefits a lot from Dolphin U development and we believe that it is actually a very safe and effective way to try any changes before "disturbing" the main platform. We expect both Dolphins to share more and more good ideas, making each other more powerful and refined. 

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"So, we're going to finance a yearly license of MoxieManager "

One thing that is important, at least in the wall module, it to move js calls from the classes to the template files so that the js can be overridden with a template change. For instance, outline.js is loaded from BxWallModule.php and the width of wall items are set by:
$(document).ready(function() {
$('#bx-wall-outline .wall-outline-items').masonry({
itemSelector: '.wall-oi-item',
columnWidth: 170,
gutterWidth: 20

All the positioning of outline items is derived see more from this, and template designers are stuck with it... unless we alter source files. If that small amount of js is moved to the template html files, all of the outline can be changed via template. This small change will allows a template to detect a mobile browser, and change the outline items to better adapt to the small screen.

I haven't dug into other modules, but the wall module is the most critical. If there are other module classes that load js that affects layout, it would be advantageous to move that js to template files as well
Thank you for the suggestion:
WoW 3 posts in a day from Mr.Boon
Guy is on fire :)
I believe the mobile app is too much "user" focused rather than "content" focused. It's more like an admin tool for your profile rather than a browsing experience. The pro mobile app needs to put content on the center. After all this is what drives social networks today. So for the new UI of the mobile app, I believe that content posting as well as user-submitted content must be the first thing that appears when the app is launched.

Also, as per "Pro" and customizability see more direction. It would be great to have some advanced customizability of the app using a centralized preference file in the xCode or Android project files. With the ability to modify anything related to branding, log-in behavior, legal info, splash-screen, as well as default view that will appear after the app is launched.

Of course those customizations may be done directly on the code, but that will require much more maintenance on each new version of the mobile app source code released by Boonex.

Otherwise, happy with the new direction that is taken. Currently have three unused licences and hope to use them when Pro arrives. Any idea on when we should expect this ? I see we're still in Alpha phase.
Same thing i been saying. mobile app is just one sided. How many time you gona watch your own videos and pictures. Only thing you see from public is blogs notes etc but they dont have comment, like, share options to interect. Many things need to be added in apps e.g chat option, outline feed. account feed (friends feed). Make the app work like Dolphin U gona work . Thanks
Andrew Boon
I agree on mobile apps suggestions. We will be looking into ways of turning them more into content consumption mediums, not just profile management, connections and communication.
By any chance audio background play for audio module in app? That would be a nice :)
Back-end considerations : have you considered integrating Boonex back-end to BAAS solutions such as Parse ? Or to some of the open-source BAAS products which are starting to flourish ? The technology has been quite game-changing for social networking centric sites.
So the next update goes from 7.1.4 to 7.2 then...?
What if you have MoxieManager already on your site then what... you still have to pay for it?!?
Other then that... bring it Andrew.. bring it asap.
Where did he say you had to pay for MoxieManager?
"So, we're going to finance a yearly license of MoxieManager " was your question too right. So my question was based on what he and you wrote...
That means Boonex is going to pay for an enterprise license and include Moxiemanager with Dolphin Pro. The cost of this will not be passed on to current license holders, although I can understand a small increase in new license fees to defray the annual expenses of doing this. This is a very, very good move by Boonex.
if that's the case then it would okay i guess. Thanx HL
Andrew Boon
Yep, as HL noted, it's on us.
cool future feature! Will you add also Disk Space allowed per membership like it is on the Dolphin U ???
Sorry, no, this is solely Dolphin U only feature.
This all sounds amazing...and so on...!

But a little more clarity is required. Really. Every time I come on here, there's less people around. They are leaving Boonex because the old site is outdated in comparison to others, and there's no specifics on the update you mention and have been promising forever.

So can you be a little more specific on timelines for this update? Businesses and their clients really need to have more clarity or will just keep on leaving for other platforms.

Thank see more you.
Indeed, this is not clear, Boonex used to mention Dolphin 7 and 8 branches. Is U based on 7 branch and 8 based on 8 branch ? Or is still an 8 major release coming after Dolphin U/Pro are released ? That's important to clarify as I'm personally putting on hold some projects while waiting for the next milestone release.

Also, will the updated mobile versions come at the same time as Pro release ?
Dolphin 7 will be renamed to Dolphin Pro since 7.2.0 release (a.k.a Dolphin Classic)
Dolphin 8 was just renamed to Dolphin U

Mobile apps will be updated shortly after or before 7.2.0 (Dolphin Pro) release
Thanks, that's way more clear to me now. Since I have three unused Premium licences, I'll go with the Pro version. Any idea of the time it will take for 7.2 (Pro) to be released ?
It will be released shortly after Dolphin U Beta, so keep an eye on the news.
Thanks for the reply. Is there a point for one who has a Premium licence to use Dolphin U ? As it doesn't have mobile app support ?
It is very dependant on the purpose of the site:
- Dolphin U - has no mobile app, but Dolphin U based site already looks great on mobile
- Dolphin Pro/Classic/7.2 - has mobile app, but Dolphin Pro based site isn't looking good on mobile, however we will try to make it responsive, but Dolphin U is better on mobile anyway since we adapt it for mobile from the very beginning

Also they offer different set of module - at least for now and in the nearest future:
- Dolphin U - has advanced communication see more module, multiple profiles per account support, advanced blogs system, more social comments/timeline/notifications.
- Dolphin Pro - has a lot of modules for almost every purpose, but in some way they provide limited functionality
PHPIDS: I believe Nathan wrote a ticket requesting that this P.O.S. be removed. I don't think anyone would object to saying goodbye to this plugin that has never, ever lived up to expectations... and probably never will. It was a good try, and intentions were in the right place, but it's time for PHPIDS to take it's place beside cooliris.
Yes, this task is in the trac for some time already:
Those are welcome changes.

Could you add a simple way to invite a user to the site. Like invite through a simple email. Adding a user to the site right now is very painful and can only be done through the ADD USER module, that should be some basic functionality build in.

The ability to invite a group of user at once would be nice as well.

Best regards

Andrew Boon
Could you elaborate? Email invitations are often controversial, since they may be considered spam and may get your mail server blacklisted. Bad karma for your site. For example, services like mailchimp won't let you use emails that haven't explicitely subscribed or registered to your service already.
Good day Andrew,

Right now there is no easy way to add a user or invite a user to the site.

Let me explain my usage:

I use the site for tutorial, you can see it at CCCure.Training

Sometimes a company may buy accounts for 10 students. I need to invite to ten users to the quiz and it is not easy to do this.

Most portal would allow to import a list of emails from an XLS file to add a group of users to the site.

Best regards

Many good ideas for D7.2 but I'm a bit concerned an abrupt transition to no licensing fee combined with many new/updated Boonex modules in the commercial Market will further delay what has become a long awaited and much anticipated Dolphin update. Have you considered making the transition in stages, i.e. for each "stage", reducing the cost of a new license substantially while introducing a few new/updated commercial Boonex modules?
Andrew Boon
We believe that this should be the last "bulk" update, because ne licensing structure would allow us to update modules and core separately and more frequently.
OK, I can see where a jump to 7.2 from the current point release might be justified. Of course one question for existing 7.1.x users is upgrades or migrations to 7.2; seems like some major changes are going to be put in place.
Andrew Boon
This update should be no different from most others in terms of migration. We will provide an upgrade script and instructions. There would have to be a lot of changes on our side, at boonex.com, but Dolphins should be able to upgrade smoothly.
I am a bit confused. If we currently have a license for Dolphin, will we need to buy one again to upgrade to Dolphin PRO 7.2?
My understanding is that a current Dolphin license will get you access to all the Boonex modules.
I also understand that current paid licensees will get the Pro licence instead, which will allow us to get all Boonex-developed modules for free.
Andrew Boon
Dolphin licenses include free updates, so no, you will not need to pay again. Generally, if your domain is registered with a license, you can use any Boonex software on for free, including Dolphin U or Dolphin Pro, any version.
Does Moxie Manager allow people to use the same videos and photos across multiple sites?
Moxie Manager is a file manager, to see what it offers visit http://www.moxiemanager.com/. It is a nice offer from Boonex to include Moxie Manager. I assume it is going to be integrated so that each user has their own separate directories for their files. Unless the server/site is set up to prevent hot-linking of images, then yes, you can stick an image tag on another site and and share that image. Videos will need an embed tag just like you need now.
From the MoxieManager web site:

"Download files to your system from Azure, GoogleDrive, AmazonS3 or DropBox, files will be downloaded right into your system with a simple click."


Whether or not this is fully implemented as a per-user feature in the 7.2 release is up to Boonex. I can see it taking a bit of time to alter the code and DB structure so that each user can interface to their individual acounts on Google Drive, etc
I don't see video upload in Moxie Manager I think Responsive FileManager offers more then Moxie.
Responsive FileManager 9.8.0 is a free open-source file manager and image manager made with the jQuery library, CSS3, PHP and HTML5 that offers a nice and elegant way to upload and insert files, images and videos.
You can use it as external plugin for TinyMCE version 4.x. and you can also use it as a stand-alone file manager to manage and select files.

This manager is great, but the problem is that it has too many external dependencies...
It would be nice to see the Forums and Chat Modules get included in the Mobile apps. It's surprising that these were never included in the original design.
Casal Pimenta
Payments Module could be editable . My site has adult content with Paypal and other complications . Choose payment company and edit command lines , would make the job easier and dolphin pro much more attractive financially.
This a good post a BIG hope for a Dolphin Pro (change from D. Classic) Website owners..Keep it up Mr. Boon.
Excited about this news Andrew. More than you know. Now if I can keep my anticipation under control for these to come together in for Dolphin Pro. I assume template developers will have to update their templates to make them compatible with 7.2 before custom template users could update?
Looking at the positivies and wishing you the best of luck with development.
I would love for the mobile apps to have notifications!
One of the things I would like to see is a video section where the category is pictures instead of words. Let the Admin be able to add pictures to folders in the video section and take away words or have both.
Does anyone know if it will, and if so, how will look messenger in new projects? I like the functionality of the messenger FB
Are there any plans to inject the forum module with some real forum features? It really needs an overhaul or replacement.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.