Why is "Notes" called "Notes"?

Profesize posted 24th of July 2012 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Surely there must be a better name for this that implies more of a description as to what this section is for?

If it is meant for new ideas and suggestions then maybe it should be called a..........."Suggestion Box".

If it is more than that then what about a "Think-tank"?

Might I suggest that you have a small description at the top of the Notes Home explaining what and how Notes is to be used cause I can see this getting out of control really fast and really soon?

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Nathan Paton
It's not really a place for discussion (they have forums for that). I like to think of it like a diary. I call my diary a notebook, and the entries are really notes. It's a blog. Yeah, that's it.
Ah....it's a blog...........called "Notes". Yes, it is so obvious now...... :)
Andrew Boon
Well, we used to call it a blog, or blogs, and if you have a look at the title it still says ":: Profesize's blog". Later we started using it for some posts that didn't quite fit into a "blog" format and decided to re-name into a more generic Notes.

Still, we can see that it is confusing and consider just turning it into "Blog" again limiting it to Boonex-only posts and directing any community discussions to Forums. Might happen along with 7.1 release... thinking see more about it.
I would stick with "Notes" because it really does not function as a blog. If it looked like a blog and is not integrated into the rest of the system, then it would make sense to call it a blog. I think Notes is a fine choice.
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