You are deadly with your sarcasm you know that? And a riot you are so blatantly yourself and invariably...right on the money...even though your advice is always free.

But I am still convinced your talents are wasted here and you have a secret doctorate in programing and must have graduated top of your Clown School. And if I honestly thought that anyone here had any money I would ask everyone to chip in to get you a bunch of phony degrees to give you access to all the weapons see more of mass destruction programs on the planet...where I am likewise convinced you could manage to get them all to self destruct...ten minutes after entering any of the buildings of Absolute Evil they are located in, angel.

On the other hand, I predict that someone is going to give you a well deserved eulogy someday by singing at your funeral, "They say that when a great politician dies sometimes a cherub sheds a tear...mostly out of relief. But when a clown dies...not even demons are weeping."

Live long and prosper, princess! LOL ;-)
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