I am wondering why exactally why I should add these ip's you specify?

I block a number for a certain reason, but can you provide additional reasoning for blocking them in particular?

Not saying I will or will not disagree with you and they are only a few like 18 which is a drop in the bucket. But is there some reason these are on your mind?

I get more attempted attacks on my site in a day then I can possibly count certainly more than 18. If I listed all their ip's this page would be huge.

Ip see more blocking is good sometimes. And other times they are nothing to worry about.

If they are smart they can change their ip and hit you again.

So the smart thing to do is to figure out what they are hitting, and figure out how to prevent what they are hitting rather than the ip. There are millions and millions of ip's out there that change, or can change at will.

So if you can figure out what they are hitting or attempting and prevent that instead, you only have a small file to adjust, edit or configure, rather than block a huge number of growing ip's.

I wouldn't rule out some ip's, and I do tend to block some of the well known ranges, but bottom line is you will do much more if you can block their attempts rather than ip's.

I used to think ip's was the route to go, but after much reasearch and testing, I have found that it is more productive to block the source they are after rather than ip.

Good luck!!
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