You bought a domain name that has another companies name in it?? Litigate much?
I have developed many mod and components for Joomla as well and every site around that community is joomlasomething.com I guess you do have a point since this one can be purchased. If Boonex lets me know that they have a problem with it I will be glad to change it!! Thanks for the feedback!! So I guess you did or didn't like the tip?
there are lots of them
although boonex is trademarked, i am sure they do not mind people that use it in a domain as long as it is not harmful to boonex, i.e boonexwarez.com
i am sure boonex have foresight to see they help sites with boonex in the name are really promoting boonex products and therefore are an advantage to boonex.
I seriously doubt any of those sites help Boonex make any money.. the reason they don't sue them is they don't care, if you haven't noticed they really don't care about anything.

The law says you can use a companies name in your URL as long as you aren't profiting from the site or trying to trick viewers into thinking you are part of the company. If neither of those apply it is free speech.
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