Hi LightWolf,

I read your post that asks about the missing timeline for Dolphin 7.

Now that we have a Dolphin 7 Preview and some people reporting "bugs" about it, we could come up with a better estimate. Of course, since this is just a "preview" our estimate will be tainted.

However, how close do you think this "preview" is to the real thing? Why would Boonex put out a "preview" which is see more too far off from the real thing? I think this "preview" resembles a good percentage of the status of the real deal.

You know this type of intelligent guessing is similar to scientists theorizing about the composition of the planet Mars. They base their thoughts on the available data, which are photographs and most recently mineral experiments conducted by the Mars Rovers. As they gather more data, their theories become more certain.

I say if we can keep using and testing the "preview" we will gather more data and thus have a better understanding of the current status of the real deal.
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