That worked. I commented out the lowest footer line.. not "__boonex_footers__" but " __includebase _footer.html__"

Now wondering what the include base footer thing is. But, no mattah! It's fixed now.

But see, if boonex included that wee bit of info during the install process, or when purchasing licence, Or kept a note up by the paid licenses, it would at least show they are motiated to support the customer's ad-free purchase, instead of leaving it up to peer-peer see more support to solve after the fact.

"Dear Ad-Free licencee,

Due to a reporting error that occurs when *blahblahwhenever* we suggest you replace the exisiting file "_footer.html" with this modified file. It will stop the possible appearance of our brand footer icons on your pages."

Easy. Solved. Woot.
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