forget 7, kill the dolphin footers in 6.1.4

ladybugn posted 19th of March 2009 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

The damn things are back again, 4 days as far as I know.   But we're prepping for 7.  I'm about done fawning over the new work when the old work still isn't functioning. 


Boonex,  pay attantion. I am only one customer, but I have paid my full dues, didn't use the contributors gig to enable not sending real cash..  I've tried to support the community..  but I'm about fed up. 


KILLL  the damn footers! 

I paid for them to be gone.


Or find a way we can edit the picture files so at least when your dolphin icons pop up, they're icons I can choose.  How long could it take you to allow me an authorised icon to display in leiu of your brand marks?


You know, if you sold cars, and the titles reverted to the manufacturer at random times, there would be a lawsuit.   You're treading on the same issue here.

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I understand you are angry about the footers, but first try sending a pm or email to unoboonex . You know they have been real busy with Dolphin 7 and it will be alot better then D6. You won't have these issues in D7 so maybe take a deep breath and give them some time. Now don't yell at me, i know you paid for those to be removed and I'm sure it will be worked out. It's not the end of the world, just a bump in the road. Take a deep breath and don't let such small things in life get your blood pressure see more up. Boonex will fix this for you, but understand they are very very very busy also. You are important to them as all are, just not enough time in the day for all. Oh yeah one more thing, the NEW work is being created cause the OLD work has issues. Why give up on D7 when it will have less issues then D6.
You should comment out the footers line in _footer.html

You can't remove it, but if you comment it out, at least you'll never have to look at the footers again.
Lightwolf, I know it looks extreme with the bolds and caps and all, but it's not news to anyone here it's an ongoing issue with no attempts to resove. I'm not typically a ranter, the light humor and nudges haven't worked.

Houston, I'll try that but it seemed to me the last time I tried to do anythign with them, i got a few error results and some message about trying to remove the things illegally. Normally the only route that's worked for me has been re-saving my licence in the advanced settings see more screen, but that hasn't worked this time.

Will go try the comment out and report back. That's at least something.

What irks me is the way it's assumed it's just an inconvenience. It's actually a legal issue because there is a work-around, and they haven't focused on it. Essentially, it's taking back a sold product.

Sprint had an issue where if the billing dept phone tech double clicked the button to process a payment, the customer was billed twice. The reversal of the charge was a week to 10 days. Sprint got into near legal issues because the button to process a payment was the only one that worked on a single click, so the techs double-click action was part of the expected routine. It was simple enough to change the behavior of the input button, but Sprint chose to warn techs instead of fixing the button.

It took the threat of a class action suit to motivate them to invest the 45 mins needed to fix it.

I'm not in any way suggesting that here. I'm just saying. A bug is something that causes inconvenience and unexpected result.

This isn't a bug, it is intended to force purchase of the ad-removal. Once we've bought it, it's got to change behavior or we haven't bought anything.

Boonex knows there is a 50-50 chance their logo will return at random times, so the "ad-free" purchase is a bogus sale unless that is clearly indicated when we hit the payment screens.
They really should go to something like an encrypted domain locked license key for paid versions of the script. That would eliminate all the problems.

Changing the line in templates/tmpl_uni/_footer.html to:

<!-- __boonex_footers__ -->

should make the footers go away forever. If you just remove the line, you'll get the... you've removed the footers without..bla bla bla error.
Well done, that worked brilliantly!
That worked. I commented out the lowest footer line.. not "__boonex_footers__" but " __includebase _footer.html__"

Now wondering what the include base footer thing is. But, no mattah! It's fixed now.

But see, if boonex included that wee bit of info during the install process, or when purchasing licence, Or kept a note up by the paid licenses, it would at least show they are motiated to support the customer's ad-free purchase, instead of leaving it up to peer-peer see more support to solve after the fact.

"Dear Ad-Free licencee,

Due to a reporting error that occurs when *blahblahwhenever* we suggest you replace the exisiting file "_footer.html" with this modified file. It will stop the possible appearance of our brand footer icons on your pages."

Easy. Solved. Woot.
Well i have done what was said above but it appears that in IE it does not work....any suggestions?
I think the Dolphin script is pretty neat myself but one thing I've noticed all the way through is how little documentation/help/support there is (or does it exist in some place that's not so easy to find?), and being put in the position where I'm wading through loads of forum posts by frustrated users all having the same problems... which still haven't been resolved.

I'm having the "__boonex_footers__" problem myself now and there just seems to be no answer for it.

Admittedly, I see more haven't paid for any licenses yet, but after all the posts I keep reading, why would I want to?

I'd love to know how many people work for BoonEx for them to be so busy has to not have the time to address this important and legal issue.

The employees at BoonEx are letting a potentially great script down. And that's a real shame. What happens when no one is interested anymore?

Being new to Dolphin means I haven't invested the time or money where I have to remain committed to it and I'm already contemplating just looking elsewhere for other scripts.

My heart goes out to all those of you who seem to had have so many problems... for SO long!

Com'n BoonEx... You look after your customers - and they'll look after you.
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