I think the Dolphin script is pretty neat myself but one thing I've noticed all the way through is how little documentation/help/support there is (or does it exist in some place that's not so easy to find?), and being put in the position where I'm wading through loads of forum posts by frustrated users all having the same problems... which still haven't been resolved.

I'm having the "__boonex_footers__" problem myself now and there just seems to be no answer for it.

Admittedly, I see more haven't paid for any licenses yet, but after all the posts I keep reading, why would I want to?

I'd love to know how many people work for BoonEx for them to be so busy has to not have the time to address this important and legal issue.

The employees at BoonEx are letting a potentially great script down. And that's a real shame. What happens when no one is interested anymore?

Being new to Dolphin means I haven't invested the time or money where I have to remain committed to it and I'm already contemplating just looking elsewhere for other scripts.

My heart goes out to all those of you who seem to had have so many problems... for SO long!

Com'n BoonEx... You look after your customers - and they'll look after you.
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