In reply to Where is Sammie?
Houston... Your first part is BRILLIANT, shows CLASS!

The second part...Little 'goating' if you now what I mean.?! BUT I appreciate the EFFORt so let me HELP you...

I appologize TECHNOMAN for Houstons JUMP to judgment. What HE was referring to was the 'TOMORROW' account that was created seconds after I posted to YOUR respons which 'if you were watching" LIVE TRACKER ;) --> You noticed as I had brought balance in VOTEs back to this POST: tomorrow proceeded to Log IN -> Log Out -> see more Clear -> and revote (or SOMETHING like that) 4 times which IMMEDIATELY took myBALANCE 'even if improperly set (defensively)' and made it IMPARSHEL to the TRUTH of the post.

Which I am okay with... I know what HATERs do ;) BUT HOUSTON you have NO PROOF it was or even could be Technoman... So just accept as I that some will do anything at all cost to destroy WHAT MANY of US HERE at UNITY work so hard to GROWTH and UNITE PEOPLE!
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