Where is Sammie?

HernanL posted 28th of June 2009 in Community Voice. 29 comments.

I was wondering, some days ago, about the wherebouts of Sammie. I first though "she must be on vacations", so I wrote an e-mail to her (from here) but since I got no answer, after a few days I tried to check her profile and got the news that she "Requested profile is not available"...

So I just wanted to know why is she "not available" and if she had been banned/expelled/cancelled, why?



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Hernán, Sammie's account was suspended. She made several blog posts, that used some pretty strong language, and I guess Boonex felt it necessary to suspend her. I agreed with many of the points she made, but I didn't always agree with her methods. In any case I like Sammie, and I believe she was a valuable asset to this community. I hope one day she can return.

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Calling others jerks is going to get you a warning to maybe even a ban, who knows!

the more that want to contribute and continue with the attacks towards me or others and calling me names will be dealt with by the admins!

Once Boonex gets back you will all see what i just said about warnings and punnishments to even bans to those who dont want to follow the rules of the boonex site!
Houston... Your first part is BRILLIANT, shows CLASS!

The second part...Little 'goating' if you now what I mean.?! BUT I appreciate the EFFORt so let me HELP you...

I appologize TECHNOMAN for Houstons JUMP to judgment. What HE was referring to was the 'TOMORROW' account that was created seconds after I posted to YOUR respons which 'if you were watching" LIVE TRACKER ;) --> You noticed as I had brought balance in VOTEs back to this POST: tomorrow proceeded to Log IN -> Log Out -> see more Clear -> and revote (or SOMETHING like that) 4 times which IMMEDIATELY took myBALANCE 'even if improperly set (defensively)' and made it IMPARSHEL to the TRUTH of the post.

Which I am okay with... I know what HATERs do ;) BUT HOUSTON you have NO PROOF it was or even could be Technoman... So just accept as I that some will do anything at all cost to destroy WHAT MANY of US HERE at UNITY work so hard to GROWTH and UNITE PEOPLE!
Very interesting comment there ghost..

Strange how i got a visit in my profile in this order.

yesterday.... (never got a visit from tommorow though) but see the simularities)all have their profiles on private too, wonder why..

somebody must think we were born yesterday.
Well I for one am glad you asked that question Hernan, I've been wondering about Sammie myself as I certainly miss her input.
I'm glad you asked too.

Though Sammie and I had words recently, we had actually communicated and patched things up before she disappeared.

I hope we see her again. She did a lot of good, and helped a lot of people here.
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Before talking about Technoman's Blogs, how about we talk about your blogs as well

Hi Samantha79

I'm well aware of my blog & it is worded very differently from Techno's blog - assuming he didn't change it.

I didn't jump all over anyone for their opinion regarding my blog, nor did I call anyone a newbie for having a different opinion than mine.

My posts have also been consistant. Techno's post have been all over the place.

I *did* mention that his post looked familiar. By that I meant that I had just done a look back post. His was like mine, yes. But it was much see more more negative.

I'm a little disappointed that I would be censored and your comment wasn't - but that's the way things go around here it seems.
Bye bye Samantha79, sorry but you can not have more then one account on here and we all knew who you were behind that fake name..lol What name will you think up next?..lol
Andrew Boon
Sammie's account has been suspended after a few repeated violations of Unity rules. She has been a very helpful member of the community and we hope to see her back as soon as we settle down our disagreements.
thank you for the response, and those of us who worked with sammie, know she was a vital part of this community.
nice.. my comment just gone into the underworld.. i love boonex's attitude.. hide everything under the carpet.. thanks andrew.. i am really proud of this community now..
mastermindsro, just repost if you felt that your post was worthy of public reading. the entire blog was edited, not removed.

incidentally, how would you handle such an instance were you to be the operator of such a site? your comments will be greatly awaited.

Andrew Boon
I had to clean up the discussion here, since it was going into a slightly flamy direction. Some insightful comments had to be removed as a part of that conversation, so feel free to repost.

We are trying to maintain positive atmosphere here and I hope it will make you proud of the community eventually.
fine, if you put it that way.. is just that my message was not part of the "flame" so I was very confused why that happen.. thanks.
Well I for one hope to see Sammie back here soon as she is highly needed here. And I understand about having to delete some parts of this blog. (even mine)..lol Stuff happens and we move on to the next journey.
If you would like to send a message to Sammie, please pm me and I will pass it on. It's always nice to hear from those who love us.
Hi LightWolf, Sammie help me out and even hosted my website. I love to see her back and I actually miss her and her comments. People need to learn to read beyond just the words that come out during anger. Please ask her to return, she was not just a plus to this community but also to the friends she talked and help with.
In all honesty, it's unfair to clean up the blog with what is convenient. Either the complete blog gets deleted based on the topic & replies or nothing should be removed. It's unfair to remove other ppl's opinion on the topic. As I have read, this blog has turned into a rally for a member that has been removed. All tho there are a lot of members who had a relationship with the member that was removed, they must understand that Boonex made a decision to remove that member based on their attitude see more and other issues going on. This board is for one purpose and one purpose only "To unite & help each other out in your site development"...This post is in no way rude, but I really think it's unfair to edit out other ppl's post who are expressing their opinions and leaving other post on the blog..but it's your site, not mine...(Smiles)
i see the minus monster has been through here. must be a terrible life to live, to have orgasmic infatuations with posting a negative vote from within the closet. you know this is 2009, you can come out of the closet. as it is said around where i am from, "grow a pair". you know who you are, so strike a negative on this post oh fine feathered friend.

hahahaha yeah i saw that too..lmao Are we bored? Or maybe we just have ants in our pants and can not sit still so they go around neg voting..lmao. I know who did it and well he can keep it up, it does not matter to me.lol
56 negative votes with only 2 voters.... what a pathetic individual.

I thought for a while, that the person is using something similar to Cheat Engine to alter the vote count before it's submitted, but I don't think the person is smart enough to do that.
Oh she was banned on dp forums for same reason. not a bad girl, though a bit ug1y.
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