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I'm glad you asked too.

Though Sammie and I had words recently, we had actually communicated and patched things up before she disappeared.

I hope we see her again. She did a lot of good, and helped a lot of people here.
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Before talking about Technoman's Blogs, how about we talk about your blogs as well
Hi Samantha79

I'm well aware of my blog & it is worded very differently from Techno's blog - assuming he didn't change it.

I didn't jump all over anyone for their opinion regarding my blog, nor did I call anyone a newbie for having a different opinion than mine.

My posts have also been consistant. Techno's post have been all over the place.

I *did* mention that his post looked familiar. By that I meant that I had just done a look back post. His was like mine, yes. But it was much see more more negative.

I'm a little disappointed that I would be censored and your comment wasn't - but that's the way things go around here it seems.
Bye bye Samantha79, sorry but you can not have more then one account on here and we all knew who you were behind that fake What name will you think up next?
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