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nice.. my comment just gone into the underworld.. i love boonex's attitude.. hide everything under the carpet.. thanks andrew.. i am really proud of this community now..
mastermindsro, just repost if you felt that your post was worthy of public reading. the entire blog was edited, not removed.

incidentally, how would you handle such an instance were you to be the operator of such a site? your comments will be greatly awaited.

Andrew Boon
I had to clean up the discussion here, since it was going into a slightly flamy direction. Some insightful comments had to be removed as a part of that conversation, so feel free to repost.

We are trying to maintain positive atmosphere here and I hope it will make you proud of the community eventually.
fine, if you put it that way.. is just that my message was not part of the "flame" so I was very confused why that happen.. thanks.
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