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While i agree in part with DosDawg's comments, the votes dont mean anything,there's no prizes for the most votes. But, dont you think its the principle of the thing that counts here, and the unfairness if you like that any member can cause bad feeling by having multiple accounts and when they feel like it tip the balance, or give a false impression and cause suspicion on the site. an example of this is yesterday when a certain member was playing up as usual and he became very aggressive and causing see more bad feeling on the blogs causing one member to go as far as to say that Boonex is running a scam, even to making his own broadcast site to tell people that boonex is a scam. Now i dont like this sort of thing since the site cooled down and became more pleasant to be here so i stepped in to counter act this flaming and so on. Now all of a sudden after months of just sitting there, in the space of an hour or something, my site advertisement has clocked up 7 negative votes,and it doesnt take sherlock to see who's fake accounts paid me a visit. Its the same with my moderation proposal. I for one dont think thats funny,its a form of bullying, "mess with me and im going to bang you with negative votes". Now im big enough (dont care to be honest) about the negative votes but not everybody is like me, but i still think there is a principle at stake here. there is nothing wrong with the voting system, its good to have, but abuse of it should be stopped and the haters who use it as a weapon.

I hope mastermindsro is correct over the admins being able to check IP already,but i hope he is wrong about they dont have time to check on those that do this, this lack of vigilance is what caused the site to lose its way to start with and some members believing they can get away with anything on here. saying that though, there is only one or two that stick out now with the old attitude, so i guess they are much easier to stop.



we have had multiple discussions about the drive by negative voting. at the present time, i think boonex has all developers ear deep in trying to get D7 released.

I personally like the voting system, i think its just another utility for interaction. I do disagree with the anonymous vote capability, and this has been discussed not only on the blogs, but on the forums as well.

you are right, it is evident who was tagging all of the posts yesterday with neg hits. cowardly is what i would see more consider this, since you want to do something that is detrimental, however, you are not willing to stand up "with a set" and say yes that is my vote, and this is how i feel and this is why i disagree with what you have posted.

one thing that i have come to the conclusion of, there are some good people on this site, there are some bad people on this site. we surround ourselves with those who are like-minded if you would, and from time to time, there are one or two that think they are not getting enough attention, and find some way to create strife.

just as we mentioned on the troll blog some few weeks back, the best way to handle these trolls, and that is exactly what was going on yesterday, was troll behavior, the best way to deal with this, is to ignore.

as you have well seen from other posts from the troll, they are very good at answering their own inquiries.

its not worth the hassle that this BS generates.

you are correct, the site had calmed down and was running smoothly for the most part. there has been some moderation, and there have been members who have sent PM's referring to posts that needed moderated, and of course that was taken care of when it was necessary.

at any rate, rambled enough, holla if you need me.

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