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guys, there is technology that can do phone verification which is automated, i have that on my hosting site, to avoid fraud. the phone number is entered as part of the sign up, the automated script dials that number and tells you a confirmation number, you enter that confirmation number in as part of the login process.

maxmind is who i think does that. but then again, i think the easiest way to deal with these accounts is to prune after 30 days, send a friendly reminder after 25 days, and if see more there are no license number, free or otherwise, then prune the account. this can be automated, doesnt even involve human interaction.

as for the IP, game is correct, that is fruitless, all of us have heard of proxies, also, logging in from open wireless connections, or air cards, there is really no way to stop this sort of entry, if you choose to ban a block of IP's then you could essentially block authentic customers.

you could even go as far as part of the registration, to require a license number be activated within 10 days. now here is the gig on that, this can be traced if somebody decided to try to outwit this, boonex could deny those no-ip domains, as well as limit the number of subdomains and if a domain (subdomain) is found to be in violation, they would remain in the sandbox for 90 days.

there are several things that could be done, its a pity that we would even need to be having this discussion, as you would expect all who join on here to be of a mature age and not require the necessity to be treated like a child. unfortunately for us and boonex, that is not the case, and measures need to be taken to thwart this behavior.

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People can behave as children, they are stick into the puberty.
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