one thing that i would like to add to this, first of all good post. and this should be a sticky post from the management. at any rate, you reference taking a screenshot. just want to clarify with all that in order to take a screen capture you do not need any special programs or utilities. there is a key on your keyboard, (pc's) that says prt scr or print screen. tap this key once, go to start run, type mspaint. right click on the mspaint window and paste. you will see your screen capture come to see more life. now crop what you need and save it as, but watch out on this as mspaint tries to save everythingg as bmp, please save as jpg or png.

an alternative to mspaint, is to download and install irfanview located here:

this is a pretty decent tiny editor where you can add graphics and text to the image.

at any rate, just thought i would help out on this one.

Please post the bug reports in the designated location specified by andrew.

DosDawq your idea for sticky post like this is good. Very Positive.
hey thanks for the screen shot tip....
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