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Well of course they are going to say it will be ready by the first of the year- what is the point in even asking that? Most of us want to get going on this like yesterday - and yes, it has been a long year waiting for this. There is no way this is going to be "stable and bug free" anytime soon, but I would be happy with the basics, and a supported upgrade path or procedure so we don't have to keep reinstalling and reconfiguring this every new beta. Already I have noticed, they are getting see more much less feedback on the forums - a few people have live sites but most are waiting for this. They won't learn much new until this has been "battle tested" - at least with some trial communities. I've noticed that until just recently they were releasing a beta every two weeks. I'm hoping (maybe foolishly) that we will get the last one, or maybe even the first RC this Friday.


p.s. Lightwolf - I am giving myself a thumbs down / negative vote on this comment to save you the trouble.
I gave you a thumbs down in the name of general advancement of conspiracy theories, I think they are a positive phenomenon that should be encouraged. =D
Cal, i gave your posts a thumbs down to help you along the way, most likely the first time i have ever given you a thumbs down except for the times when i disagree with you. but your post here was not bad, and i thought it to be funny that you felt you needed to negate your post before anybody else dinged you. that was too funny, so i helped you along. (all in fun though Caltrade)

That's all fine and good Dosdawg - but that blog post you made claiming someone had said "Boonex hacked my site" was about me - that wasn't paranoia - and you just made that up - I never said that - no one else did either, though I do appreciate your finally admitting it. Just for the record - I have ignored several of "Houston's" attacks on me- he is posting them every time he finds a spam now. That last one was the last straw though - reading his crap about me the first thing see more in the morning on still another thread - one that I had not participated in was a new low, even for him - and yes, I find it "creepy".
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