Okay, because you failed to upgrade to 6.1.5 & .6 Boonex should take the time to create a special upgrade package to go straight to D7? Wow, that's such a great idea.

After all, why should Boonex leave you out? After all, you've kept up with everything so well so far and done your part to keep your Dolphin site secure.

My suggestion to Boonex, let him keep dreaming and don't waste your time on this. It's going to be enough work lining up D 6.1.6 to 7 without creating a special see more version to get those who ignored the advice to upgrade from whatever verson their on.
Wow! I bet you are fun to hang out with at a party!

One thing I have learnt while using this software is to upgrade as few times as possible cause it always ends up as a palava.

I know from other peoples' posts that they too have stayed on 6.1.4, maybe for similar reasons or maybe something else. Both Caltrade and Zarcon have mentioned the same thing about this particular update script.

You should really stop and think before you talk. It might save you a lot of grief.
Some users didn't upgrade to D 6.1.6 and I wish I hadn't as it broke my site more than anything else, this person is asking a valid question as some software developers do indeed do this, however you could have simply said that you should upgrade your site to D 6.1.6 before Boonex releases a software upgrade path for D7 and it could have been done in a positive way.

Can someone tell me why this AS* is allowed to continue to be so rude and arrogant around here and why his privileges haven't been see more removed from Unity and we all know I am referencing the rude and arrogant "MyDatery".
I dont get it either mydatery has a snide or rude comment everytime he doesnt agree with someone. Its incredible this guys priviledges arent revoked or he doesnt receive some sort of warning. People dont come on here to get attacked or to be talked down to, from the likes of people like mydatery. Its apparent people are beyond fed up with him by his over abundance of negative comments now. People like him hurt business more then they help just from their attitude. Even if he does say something see more worth mentioning its usually overshadowed by his rude and arrogant remarks to everyone else. Boonex please do something about negative and even abusive remarks from all members, so this can be a pleasent discussion from everyone, without people having to worry about abuse from other members.
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