I didn't upgrade to 6.1.5 or 6.1.6 because I have a heavily modded 6.1.4 and it works fine. I did not see the benefit of upgrading to either of those at the time of their release. Also upgrading would have caused me to lose all my mods or re-do the 27+ mods on the site, which I didn't feel like doing.

I am not gonna say anything about Mydatery because he tends to crack me up periodically, but I will have to say that there are still quite a few folks on the 6.1.4 platform.

Profesize, When I see more posted the question to Boonex, this is what they had to say about that:

Well, the plan is to have 2-3 developers sit with both 7.0 and the 6.1.4 and work on the upgrade package and do as much as we can do within a a week or so. Hopefully it would migrate most of the data.

Worse case scenario is we will have to do the 3 part upgrade to get to D7 (6.1.5, 6.1.6, then D7). Since D7 has most all of the features I have modded for, I will not mind doing that. Not really looking forward to it, but hey.. I am willing to see what happens when the RC comes out.
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