@ Zarcon, I run 6.1.6 domains right now, that we're developed under 6.1.4 software initially. When it came time to upgrade, I skipped the 6.1.5 upgrade initially and waited for the 6.1.6 and did both at the same time.

What I discovered, by doing file comparisons to find the exact changes (as danielmarseille has given the link to) that it all went pretty seamlessly. I still ended up with items like the Ray My Presence Friends bug, but we all got that little on and it was an easy fix for it. see more In the end, my mods actually worked better as the 6.1.6 version actually cleaned up a lot of bad code that 6 1 4 had in it.

Don't get me wrong, it took almost a week with all the mods to make this happen, but it was definitely worth it. I'm over 150 mods now, a large part of those are fully custom items for my sites only and they help me deliver what I need to deliver to customers, and I'm finding it even easier to install these mods and run into less problems now than I ever have.

As far as those who are on 6.1.4 still and asking Boonex to do the work for you to make a direct transition, I don't agree with that. They've already done the work to get you there and it's solid. While it's understandable that you may not want to spend days bringing your site up to 6 1 6 standards to just have to go straight into making a D7 transition, it's also not fair to ask Boonex to rewrite everything again just for those who chose to not do it.

Now, for my funtime:

@ Profesize: First it causes me no grief whatsoever. As far as the party goes, you'll never know, you couldn't afford the shoes it would take to walk up the steps, let alone in the door of any party I'm at.

@ BPowers84: Look at my post count, the amount of development work I do, the number of development only domains I own and how much I do for the community and you'll begin to get the picture. Amazingly, I also will rarely swear in a post since I became the kinder, gentler, nicer, softer, new, improved MyDatery. Perhaps you should take a look at what you do to help people out and then you might have less time to look at what I'm doing around here. Now, we both know that if you stick an asterisk in it's still the same thing as saying the word, just demonstrates a lack of courage on the part of the writer who uses that asterisk.
I know, I can honestly say I am being lazy to a degree. What I am thinking of doing is since D7 has most of the mods "built-in" already (privacy, albums, member activities (Spy)) and the migration just does profiles, photo, videos, etc. I may just run both upgrades back-to-back and then migrate to D7. There is really only 1 mod I am taking with me to D7 and I am trying extremely hard not to upload all 2.4 Gigs of it :)
Once again mydatery with more condescending almost god like remarks. This guy is ridiculous, you should seriously not allow abusive posts. This is starting to feel like some sort of yahoo forum, because of people like him that constantly brings the mood down. Again I am not disputing mydatery does not know what he is talking about, its the way he is going about conveying his message. Its amazing this guy is even able to go in public with his poor attitude.
Wow again mydatery! I take back what I said about you and parties. You really do know how to have a FUNTIME!

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