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check my template :P
Block title text is too dark and can't be read. Drop down menus are difficult to read.. they could use a little higher background opacity. That light teal colored text is difficult to read against a white background.

Other than that.... looks OK.
Oops! Replied to the wrong post. Would be nice if you could move your own replies on your own blog.......hmmmmm!

Anyway.....I agree that the block title colour is too dark. Maybe try white on the text. I would also use white text for the top menu and not teal as the teal stands out too much. If you want to use the teal in your logo, maybe try it on buttons and menus when you hover over them with some transparency to the teal.

One more thing....the images for the buttons on block title bar are see more a bit rough around the edges.

Otherwise I would say it is quite well balanced.

My site I'm afraid to say will be more corporate looking and not as!
Being able to edit your own replies in your own blog would also be handy....

I meant to say that my site will have to have a less exciting and more corporate feel than yours Xiro. Nice work though.....did it take you long?
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