PHP is not stupid. You may not quite understand PHP yet, but it's a whole lot easier to get into full working speed with PHP than it is with ASP, Perl, or the other such.

Just read through a basic PHP & MySQL tutorial, learn the syntax, learn basic string functions, learn how to get stuff out of and into a database, and then connect from PHP to your old database, scoop in the entries, and stick them into your new MySQL database in the order and format you want them to go in.

This is how see more you would crunch up a quick conversion script for just about any data conversion purposes. It's not very difficult at all, and of all possible languages and options, it's not difficult in PHP and MySQL.

But I won't say no more as long as PHP is stupid, for who would care to talk about something stupid.
No. you took the comment out of context. I did not say "PHP was stupid", I said "I was PHP stupid"
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