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HL and CodeSatori,
if you have a script that checks the server, bring it on. I dont even really see the use in this post in all reality. if this person was not listed on the touted list of hosting providers and is not a well known dolphin hosting service provider, then why was this post necessary.

There are thousands of hosting service providers that are not configured to run dolphin, so the issue here is the user who purchased the $1.99 hosting.

I had a guy track me down the other day on see more my ymessenger, and ask for help. well i dont mind helping so i said sure, whats going on. he proceeded to tell me about how his ffmpeg would not work, and that his hosting service would not allow him to run a local instance of ffmpeg on his site, but they had a community instance that he would be able to use.

and was asking me to tell him the location of the ffmpeg that was installed on the host where he was trying to host his dolphin site. well of course here comes the question, 'where are you hosted at' told me some off the wall name, and i of course asked if this was $1.99/month hosting. ha ha ha ha ha ha, never in a million years was i prepared for the answer.
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